View Full Version : Variant Game Set Up

12-31-2015, 08:09 AM
I use this as a way of using all the cards together for a 5 player game

It results in a 115 card deck

I randomly draw 15 Superpowers, 15 Equipment, 15 heroes, 15 villains, and 5 locations.

I choose this amount of each cost of card type except Locations
(0-2) 5 (3-4) 4 (5-6) 4 (7+) 2

Each player then chooses 5 cards they want in the deck (this is before choosing the superhero/villain they will be playing)

Everyone then gets to ban 1 superhero/villain they don't want to play against.

Next they are dealt 5 supers random to choose from.

If they don't like the supers they can choose to take a 10 pt penalty at game end to choose from the unused supers or a 20 pt penalty to choose from the banned supers.

After all supers are choosen then the players choose an additional 5 cards each to add to the play deck.

It's a little complex but it has proven to be popular.