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01-01-2016, 02:01 PM
Happy new year, fellow DC fans!

As of January 1st, 2016, rank your favorite DC products you have and/or played.

Standalone set

Original (The go to set for foundational characters, card familiarity and speed of play)
Teen Titans
Heroes Unite
Forever Evil
Rivals: Batman vs Joker

Crisis expansions

Crisis 2 (Fun cards and my favorite Villain subset gameplay wise)
Crisis 1

Crossover packs

Arrow (Hooked on the show, know the characters well, and love new card mechanics)
Legion of Super - Heroes
Justice society of America


Bane ( Toss up between Bane and Joker. Joker is most fun to play but trickier to manage as I haven't had much success in the win column)
The Joker
Martian Manhunter
Felix Faust
Gotham City Docks
Kid Flash

Crossover/standalone set combo

Arrow/Teen Titans (Arrow card mechanics and Teen Titans Ongoing focus makes for alot of timing and play decisions)
Justice Society of America/Forever Evil
Legion of Super Heroes/Heroes Unite

01-02-2016, 12:11 AM
I'll just say favorites.

Standalone Game: "Teen Titans"- I'm a bit biased, obviously, but I also made sure the game I designed was the one I would want to play the most.

Crisis: "Crisis 3"- I seriously can't wait for people to get their hands on Crisis 3 because it's just incredibly fun. Since I can't talk about it, Crisis 2 is a close second, the Black Lanterns are my favorite main deck Villains thus far and Nathaniel Yamaguchi put a lot of love into the design of Crisis 2.

Crossover Pack- "Watchmen"- I love social, hidden identity games and I love DC Deck-building. I have played this Crossover Pack so much over the past year and now that it's officially released and it can be widely played I plan on playing it a lot more.

Promo- "Kid Flash"- Very deceptive power. When he runs away with the game, he RUNS away with the game. Close 2nd: The Joker.

Crossover+Standalone Combo:
Unnamed Crossover 5 + Teen Titans: Get excited. The teamwork between cards here are pretty awesome. Totally agree with OP's combos, though. Arrow+Titans, JSA+Forever Evil, and Legion+Heroes Unite are all great together.

01-02-2016, 08:22 AM
Here's my favs:

Standalone: Teen Titans. I like that the 'big' cards that show up on the line up generally require other cards to be over the top (unlike some other sets that have some 7+ cards that are just incredibly strong all on their own.) A second place would be Heroes Unite 'cause of the Power Rings.

Crisis: #2. It's actually what caused me to buy & collect the game. I really love the Blackest Night story line, and seeing more lantern focused set had me want to pick it up. Play-wise, I like how the White/Black rings can be used to help out others while playing crisis mode.

Crossover: Toss up between Watchmen & Legion of Super Heroes. I love watchmen for how it alters how the game gets played, and I just really like the time-travel mechanic. Legion can be just tossed in with whichever set, while Watchmen you have to make sure you all want to play the other mode.

Promos: I really can't say. I never look at them and think that they are promos, so I don't try to think about them separately from the rest.

Crossover/Standalone: I think Teen Titans + Legion of Super Heroes. It's like adding in an alternate form of ongoing into the set :) However, this is a bit harder for me, as I play base sets for a bit, then rip them apart and build my own customized sets with different "themes" (which doesn't work out quite so well with Watchmen ... as I don't necessarily pay attention to the costs of the cards at first ... so there may be, for example, only 3 heroes with cost 3 or less. Makes watchmen much harder on some things. Although, I want to throw together a custom deck that is intended for play with Watchmen)