View Full Version : Missing rewards from Wormoid Queen

01-27-2016, 04:12 PM
I was playing yesterday trying to beat the Wormoid Queen. I eventually managed to beat her and saw that I got a legendary worm card as a reward but I haven't seen it in my card manager. I thought maybe I needed to log out and it would appear but no. I have since completed the quest with the gnomes, I hoped maybe that would trigger something. I have't had an issue with any other rewards and was curious if anyone else has had this happened. Also I have looked in my main card manager not just the one based around your Hero.

01-27-2016, 04:17 PM
I never even thought to check. You're right, I don't have my Wormoid Hydra either. It says I have 0 in my collection, but I definitely beat the Wormoid Queen and the loot screen said I got a Wormoid Hydra.

01-27-2016, 04:19 PM
It does this for the Phenteo's Gift you get at the start of the game as vennen also -_-.

01-27-2016, 04:27 PM
Well I'm sorry to hear you're missing it as well but glad I'm not losing my mind at least : )

01-27-2016, 04:52 PM
Also missing my Wormoid Hydra. Seems a common bug...

01-27-2016, 05:58 PM
Did you guys try re-log to see if it appears after?

01-27-2016, 06:58 PM
Yeah I have relogged multiple times now and still nothing : (

01-27-2016, 09:24 PM
Actually just realized I'm missing mine too.

01-27-2016, 09:37 PM
Likely just a visual glitch, they prob just need to fix on back-end