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01-27-2016, 05:05 PM
During the campaign you can talk about the race your playing views on their mortal enemy race and the Coyotle actually pity Shin'hare and from what I can gather are probably more peaceful then elves despite the fact they hunt for food and practice violent magic.

Coyotles deem the Shin'hare as monsters as they destroy themselves for power and they believe in a warp sense of reincarnation which in the eyes of the Coyotle has made them essentially soulless. The Coyotles believe all races (Save for Necrotic I presume and quite obviously Shin'hare) are led by their ancestors and al Coyotles have a sense of being able to comminicate with them or at least sense things to come(Hence Prophecy is not actually just a mechanic). The Shin'hare however the Coyotle believe since they kill each other to absorb their energy as well as their souls never die they just go back into a newborn the Coyotle deem them as irrevocably insane and are to be pitied. In fact judging from Whispering Winds either he or Cototles in general pity Shin'hare and are in fact open to them barting and talking to them but due to their egotistic and sacrificial tyrannical culture deem them as beyond salvation and could never repent and become enlightened as Coyotle are.

I feel that Coyotle feel every species is guided by their ancestors whether they themselves believe in that or not but the Shin'hare literally have no spirits as their culture has in the eyes of Coyotle made them have none. (Actually in the eyes means it's their opinion but it seems as if they can actually sense spirits so the Shin'hare are literally more or less soulless.)

02-02-2016, 03:49 PM
It is possible that the birth rate of the Shin'hare out paces the actual production of spiritual beings to inhabit their forms leaving a significant and growing segment of the race as lacking a soul. Thus leaving only biological, or wild energy which is then harnessed by the shin'hare warlocks amoung the shock troop population. They have no ancestors in the tranquil dream because every soul is karmicly needed on Entrath leaving none available to commune with. That would lend the Coyotle ancestors perceived evidence of soulless and terrible beings which are actually just highly flawed.

Just a thought.

02-11-2016, 02:14 PM
Even without the spiritual stuff there's plenty to pity about the Shin'hare.

They think they're the master race and want to conquer all the other races but their one success story is the completely defenseless shroomkin, and their other attempts have all been complete failures. Now they're largely being used as expendable shock troops by the necrotic and other underworld races. Not to mention their "you'll die when i tell you to" culture that probably sucks to live in.