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01-31-2016, 08:29 PM
Let's share our PvE experience (and try to keep it spoiler light.) I myself have 3 characters right now, so here goes:

Elf/Cleric. Started in Ruby/Wild, went back and forth between than and mono wild ramp, clearing most of the content, and near the end swapped to Wild/Saph. Beat every unique encounter (barring variations of Sister Midnight and the eastern wormoids.) Saving the grind from level 8 to 9 for the Ardor event, where I will spam dungeons.

Second character I thought was going to be a whole lot more difficult than it turned out to be:

Dwarf/Mage. Started off shaky with a mediocre ruby/saph decks, and was constantly struggling with some of the easier fights. Attempted mono saph, fared no better, and then decided to go mono artifact - easily the best choice I ever made for my dwarf, as it turns out. Had to go full ruby for the Piranhas, after which I rebuilt carefully into something very interesting - artifact/diamond. Being limited to 1 of each diamond card didn't actually hold me back as much as you'd think (the heavy lifting is done by the artifacts and the transform racial spell, and the diamond gave it great support) and slowly I found ways to sneak in lifedrain, more armor, and other little tricks. These things carried me through some tough wormoid fights, and currently my mage is equal in progression to my Cleric, with one notable exception - I have opted to wait with the Army levels, as I know diamond won't cut it, and I don't want to rebuild my deck.

Things brings me to my last character, the one I basically call 'easy mode':

Elf/Warrior. This thing is the empowered incarnation of satans unleashed fury. It has slaughtered literally everything in it's path (although I haven't rebuilt for Piranhas, killipede, or Devonshire yet, so those encounters are untouched) and the only hiccup was the wormoids (where deck dilution forced many awful draws, thanks to me grabbing 60 as I always do.) When I get back to it tomorrow I'll take on the queen, which should be the toughest encounter without requiring edits.(Side note, this deck is almost entirely common/uncommon, so it is pretty budget friendly.)

After I 'finish' my warrior I might try something new - so let me hear your stories and I will see if something speaks to me.

01-31-2016, 08:53 PM
Cleric is my favorite class. Have a human cleric and Necrotic cleric. Play similar deck with both.

Main cards are
Living Totem with boots
Protectorate Defender with chest(+1/+1 on champ damage)
Righteous Paladin with Trinket
Scrivener with boots
spearcliff cloud knights
Some removal of your choice (repel, pride, meek, whatever)

Cleric talents - Monument of Faith, Lifedrain, Hale, Healing Aura, good karma

Unless I get really bad draws or flood/screw I can get by almost anything except the special encounters which requires deck tweaks of course.

Plus mono diamond, never get threshold screwed :)

PS. Didnt have much fun with mage or warrior. Care to PM me your warrior deck that you found really strong?

01-31-2016, 09:14 PM
I'll post my warrior deck and a version of my mage deck tomorrow when I log back in, for people interested. Plus talents, since those matter quite a bit for the warrior.

01-31-2016, 09:21 PM
The Elf/Warrior "starter" deck that has been Easy mode I'm most interested in.

01-31-2016, 11:45 PM
The Elf/Warrior "starter" deck that has been Easy mode I'm most interested in.

I didnt find warrior as easy as cleric so maybe I didnt level it enough, or was just plain playing it wrong

02-01-2016, 05:12 AM
Ok, my Elf/Warrior is running this deck:

11 Wild shards
9 Ruby shards
4 Shards of Savagery

3x Arena Regular (Gladiator Helm) - very important!
3x Gem-Crazed Beserker (Minor Ruby of Flames)
3x Howling Brave
3x Battle Hardened Pa (Moon'Ariu Saya) - handy but not required.
3x Nightsky Stargazer
2x Hempseed Dryad - mainly used this for the Hag.
2x Scraptech Brawler
2x Mentor of Oakhenge
2x Warrior of Andronicus
2x Tempestuous Bladedancer
2x Adaptatron (Cog of the Machine) - use it if you have, not vital but very very good.

3x Crackling Bolt
3x Crackling Sprout (Dandelion Arm Guards) - useful but not vital.
2x Shrine of Prosperity
1x Soul of Battle

Affinity: Warriors (get this first, no matter what.)
Warlord: Agility
Weight (optional, but very handy, and going second gives you an extra card. The deck is so fast it doesn't mind going second.)

I am planning to pick up Warlord: Strength next.

Now, the gameplan is pretty simple - play cheap warriors, gain charges off them, use the battle to get more resources, play more warriors, and repeat. Certain cards could easily be swapped out (all the rares are filler) but the idea is to swarm the board, using battle on the champ as much as possible (though hitting troops when needed is advised, as some threats can't be ignored.) Arena Regular almost makes this a combo deck, as you start doing a lot of damage simply by dropping troops and battling (with two out a kill is ridiculously easy to achieve without even swinging.)

If you want to edit the deck, I'd suggest anything that gives charges, because it can get pretty crazy.

02-01-2016, 05:49 AM
Xenavire, I'd consider Ankylo and Thornsprouts for this deck. Ankylo is an amazing card all by itself (even moreso with its weapon equipment), and Thornsprout has synergy with your warriors.

02-01-2016, 05:56 AM
I might give them a go, but I am looking more at charge synergy than anything, so I just dropped in 2x Goremaster instead of the Hempseed Dryads (making this list reminded me that they aren't strictly necessary.) Goremaster can get pretty crazy.

02-01-2016, 05:59 AM
Lightning Elemental with weapon?

02-01-2016, 07:45 AM
Lightning Elemental with weapon?

Thats actually a great idea, had just ignored it because of the head slot clash and never came back to it. Might just try it.

02-01-2016, 08:04 AM
My story so far:

First I made a human mage - most of the campaign was pretty fun, the low health pool made early levels a lot tougher and I had to make specific decks for piranhas, worms, killipede. I got down to Devonshire and started having a really bad time with the hodge podge starter (with found additions) deck. So I gave up with it and tried Mono D lifegain/troops that others had success with. I could not make it past Cloaked Figure. Then I switched it up to D/S and was still in the same spot. Tried R/D burn heal hybrid and was able to get to Wiktor, but couldn't down him. Finally I used a deck similar to what I had been working with in Frost Ring for the past year, a S/B Toolbox deck and swept Devonshire with no deaths. I'm almost level 9, probably will hit it tonight. Despite the low health and early struggles, mage is starting to feel really powerful and I have a feeling that the next group of talent will transition mage into a real force to be reckoned with.

With campaign under my belt, I made one of each race and class just to see what they were like (deleting along the way of course) and finally went with Shin'hare cleric for a B/E Midrange Rock build which has been a lot of fun and very strong. Now level 6.

Also on the docket, a level 3 Shin'hare Warrior which is like the polar opposite of my human mage. 33 starting HP is nutso when I'm used to 16. I feel invincible. Just annihilates stuff.

Lastly, a level 2 dwarf cleric that should be fun as I loosen some card restrictions and a level 2 dwarf warrior which is going to be OP as hell in a few more levels (lock down deck).

Looking ahead, I'm interested in making a Vennen mage and Elf Cleric.

02-01-2016, 12:20 PM
The warrior Miyordon set out not with a standard buffalo army, but with the might of the three human kingdoms. His ranks filled with the greatest heroes, trying to win this war once and for all. The Usurper? Body Reclaimed. The Coyotle Dreamscape? A pleasant nap. The Chained Goliath? Wishing he stayed that way. Only the Wormoid Queen, the higher levels of the Mythical Army, and some surprisingly voracious Piranha have proven difficult for this largely unchanged war party. This war will be won, and it will be done with King Gabriel leading the walls of Adamanth herself against the terrible blight that has invaded our world.

(my deck is all humans, singleton, tri-shard, I have not changed it really at all, except I removed a couple troops to add in some more removal. I am looking forward to higher levels where I can do more with trained troops. )

02-01-2016, 12:27 PM
Nice insights! I'm really struggling to decide which class and race combo to play.

I have human mage tri colour inspire and just started elf warrior and necro cleric.

I'm very tempted to create the other races so I have one of each but not sure yet.

I've only struggled on worm queen and haven't done go loath as mage....thats a crazy encounter.

I'm a huge fan of themed decks etc and that's what's causing me creation trouble. I want to go full 5 colour necro soon though for sure but u just need to pick a class.

02-01-2016, 01:39 PM
I have a Coyotle Time Mage (well technically a cleric, but.. well you'll see)

He started out as Coyotle clerics do, with a focus on life gain and growth. Took the starter deck and really emphasized triggering prophesy. Maxed out the number of Earthcallers and Starsight Oracles making sure I pretty much always played a prophesied card or two per turn. However, this deck had a little difficulty with some of the more aggressive encounters.

So then I picked up some intriguing PvE Sapphire Actions and then "class changed" into a more sapphire oriented build that focuses around the blue coyotles (Thunderfield Elder, Thunderfield Seer, and Cyclone Shaman). Now my blessings are typically superpowered (what with getting copied and drawing cards) and so when I play Mastery of Time and Yesterday, it really does kind of feel like my little Coyotle cleric is actually an immortal time mage.