View Full Version : Style Points - Going Ape

02-01-2016, 11:47 AM
by Dinotropia

HEX’s digital nature allows for unique design space that is unimaginable in other games. One of these game changing concepts is the idea of object permanence. One buff isn’t enough! In HEX, your card modifications stay with you whether your cards end up on the field, in your hand, or in your Crypt. But great tech needs great answers, and HEX delivers with the unique reversion mechanic. Reverted cards return to their base form, all changes wiped clean. This can include buffs, transformations, and even damage, thereby opening up a whole barrel of creative strategies. And if you are looking for riveting reversion plays, you need look no further than Filk Ape. So move over Kong, there’s a new king in town! He goes a little something like this.


02-02-2016, 08:18 AM
I setup a filk ape-mancubus R/W deck a while ago, back before set 3. Lionel Flynn was champ for the +3 attack to beef up Mancubus' power vs bigger troops, then the usual suspects like Andronicus and Master Moss. Had some fun in proving grounds but it was a bit too vulnerable to hard removal. Going back to it with set 3 cards could improve it, maybe flamehand invoker could be more useful than just Lionel champ. But that blood route seems very powerful too, with Izydor and Carrac and you basically have a midnight-sheppard kind of combo going on.

02-03-2016, 12:10 AM
Ethereal Caller with a discarded Ozawa used to be one of my favorite combos in a blood/diamond reverting themed deck. It can make things pretty crazy by Turn 4 if you are discarding Ozawa with a corpse fly :) It's not so doable with tri-color I've noticed, but Gront's Gift with the Rhino gem is pretty fun with the VK like you mentioned for blood/wild...I can't wait until the higher tiers of PvE are unlocked for some serious Filk Ape fun as a Shin'Haar Cleric :)