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02-08-2016, 01:09 PM
So a little background i am someone who kickstarted based on the PvE and Co-Op portion of the game. I also tend not to pay attention when games are in Beta as i do not like playing broken games. After reading the announcement posts of the devs patting themselves on the back and pumping up the new campaign mode, and the dropping of the beta tag. I was pretty excited to load it up.

First thing i ran into was character customization did not have any choice in the picture of my character there was none of that even one of three would have really gone a lot to be able to have some minimal customization. I decided on a Coytle Warrior.

Then onto the campaign i liked the story elements but definitely feel that the action could come sooner and a little more frequently at the beginning but in general was paced pretty good. So i moved on into the intro adding cards as i got them to my deck as was suggested.

I ran into my first bug and that was trying to equip some equipment and found out that the mouse scroll wheel does not work in the equipment window which is a strange sort of bug to have after restarting it i searched around to discover chat and asked about it in the help channel to which i got absolutely no response. So i moved to general and sure enough no one else could scroll either.

I didn't have that much equipment so i moved past it and back to campaign when i ran into the first fight i could not beat and that was the Corrupted Dryad. After around 10 tries i went back to help and tried again to get a question answered with no response it doesn't even seem like the channel is even operational. So back to general to ask my annoying questions about how to beat her. To which i found out there was no easy way to show someone my deck to help me make changes. After being directed to a third party website to painstakingly build my deck out and link it back to the community they were for the most part quite helpful even sending me a few cards to help me on my way.

It was at this point i had expressed wanting to try out draft only to find out that i cannot draft with the huge number of packs i got with the kickstarter which seemed very strange to me since the game just came out of beta and very disheartening to also find out i was going to be three sets behind on a game that again just came out of beta. After finding that out i got a bunch of messages about wanting to buy my set one packs from what i can only assume were people looking to take advantage of my inexperience in how much they are worth.

What caused me to eventually stop playing was the Wormoid quest an incredibly long and frustrating quest where i would have to try battles multiple times. I decided to build a completely new deck that might be suited for just this task but found i had no way to save my current deck to go back to which sort of defeats the purpose of a deck building game IMO. I eventually completed it only to not get a reward as it was bugged as well.

Final thoughts it could eventually be fun but needs a lot more work and devs really should not be patting themselves on the back in their posts about it. Its been a long time coming and has a lot of issues. In general i think the community is very helpful but sometimes do not know how to give advice to brand new players as they take a lot of their knowledge for granted as something everyone knows.

02-08-2016, 07:27 PM
Good feedback.

One note, there is an Auction House so you can trade your Set 1 packs for Plat and then use the Plat for Set 3 packs and the drafting entry fee.