View Full Version : Anyone playing hex on a tablet?

02-10-2016, 01:04 PM
I'm looking to buy a tablet and I was wondering if there are any cheap windows tablets capable of running hex without many problems.
My budget is 200($290) so not enough for a tablet like one of the better surface pro tablets which i heard can run it pretty well.
So, anyone playing hex on a tablet? if so which one and how does it run?

02-10-2016, 01:09 PM
Waiting for ipad app. :(

02-10-2016, 01:13 PM
even on laptops it is difficult to run, the only success stories I've heard came from people that launched HEX on their pc and then streamed it to their tablet.

02-10-2016, 02:19 PM
I use my old first edition Nexus 7 and play Hex on it regularly. I use Splashtop to stream my desktop to the tablet, so it ties up both devices, but it's probably one of the better ways to accomplish what you're after in that budget if you don't mind that it will tie up your PC and tablet both.

02-10-2016, 03:09 PM
Yeah I play Hex on my iPad mini remoting into my home PC via Splashtop. It works pretty well actually.

I actually played half of an IQ qualifier this way from my phone as a passenger in a car on the Interstate. That didn't work to well as I would drop connectivity at the wrong times and lost a couple of the rounds as a result of that.