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02-17-2016, 08:27 PM
To the staff, playtesters, and anyone else who has worked in this industry, a simple question; how does one get started in this industry? I'd really like to work for a company but it's not something you really get a degree for... is it?

I have a degree in Telecommunications - Emerging Media (which in my case means I can do a little bit of everything digital and media; editing, writing, graphics, quality control, coding), I have a 400-level proficiency in creative writing (screenplays), and I've been making 'custom' cards, maps, etc, for a variety of games and fandoms since I was old enough to write and draw.

Basically I'm realizing, post-college, what my passion is, and I don't know where else to look for advice. Thank you in advance for any response or suggestions you can provide!

02-19-2016, 12:38 AM
You just make games and hope something happens, really. While I've created a lot of games with Cryptozoic, I wouldn't even really think of myself as having "made it" yet. Hopefully some day.

Personally, I got started with Cryptozoic being hired as an artist for a few trading card projects. Was invited to playtest games, showed off a Cerberus style deck building game I put together based on a certain wibbly wobbly IP, and was offered contract work on a lot of the Cerberus games (I came in just after the original DC) as well as help create the Card Wars game and development on a lot of things that have been coming out the last few years. While I didn't design or create for it, I love Portal a lot so working development on the Portal game was awesome. It's all about loving what you're making.

I had a lot of experience growing up playtesting games just by meeting people at events and being sociable/enthusiastic about games. Did a lot of volunteering for various game companies. Read a LOT of game design theories and concepts, internet isn't hard to find people talking about design. As far as schooling, I went for graphic design because I really knew I wanted to make card games so I needed to learn how to properly make frames and such... form+function. Turns out game designers don't really need to know that, but, that's what I did and it honestly helps a lot when making mock-ups of ideas.

Long story short, be passionate about what you want to do. I say this as someone who hasn't gotten there just yet, but looking back I've gotten to do a lot that I'm not sure would have ever happened if I wasn't constantly pushing towards that. It really goes with anything creative, you just have to do it.

03-01-2016, 07:22 PM
Thank you for the detailed response, sorry it took so long for me to reply back!

The vibe I've been getting is that I'll either need to get in with companies through social events or go it on my own making games from scratch from home, then outreaching to companies to have them looked at. It'll take a while... hopefully DC will still be around, I'd love to help out. :)

Good work on Teen Titans, btw. It made my girlfriend ecstatic to see how well her favorite series was done as a DBG.