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02-22-2016, 02:02 PM
Hey guys, it's been awhile since I've shown my ugly mug around here, so I figured I would hop back in to drop some of my own knowledge of playing back out here. As stated in previous versions of this post/list, this is a Banning Draft 2-Character Variant style of play and the Tier List reflects that. Our play group uses only Main Sets and no Crossover/Crisis cards allowed (if you play group does this, the list will absolutely tip in the favor of any Crossover specific Character if his expansion is mixed in). I have considered testing this in our play group, but as of now we have not tried it at all. Now, this Tier List will be slightly different than previous Tier Lists as I haven't fully explained the concept that comes up when actually picking and banning Characters that can lead to drastic mindset changes.

The style of our Pick/Ban Draft Phase is as follows:
1) Players roll for First Pick/Ban with the winner going first in the Pick and Ban Phase.
2) Players take turns "striking" a Main Set each, then First Player selects of the remaining Main Sets which will be used in the game (Classic, Heroes Unite, Forever Evil, Teen Titans).
3) Players take turns banning 4 Characters a piece.
4) First Player selects a Character, Second Player selects 2 Characters, First Player selects his 2nd Character.
5) Unless The Flash or The Flash (Crisis) is picked, players roll for who goes first in the game.

Now obviously this allows for the Main Set to be chosen, then Characters picked to optimize your chances in that game. As Characters are picked or banned, counter picks or counter strategies can be adopted during the Pick/Ban Phase in order to better your chances of winning the game.

*Update* I am going to try and incorporate the new Crisis 3 Characters as revealed and concepts that may go with them as well. I will also be updating the list of not legal Characters to better reflect the game.

Overpowered Characters: These Characters are so overpowered that they cannot be allowed in a competitive format without completely dominating.

Cyborg (Crisis)
Shazam! (Crisis)

Unplayable Characters: These Characters are so underpowered or not geared towards competitive play that they are not considered in the Character Pool.

Black Canary (Crisis)
Booster Gold (Crisis)
Nightwing (Crisis)
Joker (15)
Batman (15)
Phantom Girl

God Tier: These Characters are strong enough to warrant a ban or first pick in most any Main Set. What sets them far apart also is their extremely large synergy pool as well.

The Flash
Martian Manhunter
Green Arrow
Harley Quinn
Roy Harper

Niche God Tier: These Characters are God Tier in their own respective way based on Main Set used.

Batman (Crisis) - Heroes Unite
Deathstroke - Forever Evil
Bizarro - Forever Evil
Starfire (Teen) - Teen Titans
Cryptozoic 2015 Volunteer - Teen Titans
Swamp Thing - Teen Titans

Synergy Dependent Tier: These Characters are extremely powerful, but generally only with a specific other pick, basically these are the sidekicks.

Black Manta
Aquaman (Crisis)
Red Tornado (Crisis)
Mr. Terrific
Oliver Queen
Felicity Smoak

Counterpick Tier: These Characters do best when playing against a certain Character(s). They thrive in stopping a combo or threat.

Booster Gold - Sinestro or Joker
Wonder Woman (Crisis) - Bizarro + Aquaman (Crisis) or Joker
Kyle Rayner - Batman (Crisis)
White Lantern Deadman - Shazam!
Stargirl - Sinestro or Joker
John Diggle - Sinestro or Joker
Rorschach - Shazam! or Ozymandias

Borderline Useless Tier: These Characters have a fatal flaw that keeps them from being truly competitive. This doesn't mean they won't have an amazing game every now and then, but they just aren't consistent.

Brainiac 5
Nite Owl
Silk Spectre
Sara Lance
Alan Scott
Jay Garrick
Power Girl
Star Sapphire
Red Lantern Supergirl
Zatanna Zatara
Joker (9)
Batman (9)
Batgirl (Crisis)
Hawkman (Crisis)
Martian Manhunter (Crisis)
Superman (Crisis)
Green Lantern (Crisis)
Red Tornado
Black Canary
Lex Luthor
Red Robin
Wonder Girl
Blue Beetle
Cosmic Boy
Saturn Girl
Chameleon Boy
Lightning Lad


02-23-2016, 01:54 PM
List was updated, still incomplete with middle tiers and counter-picks.