View Full Version : nerf winter moon

02-29-2016, 04:07 AM
this is more about game quality and less about balance.

the paper/scissors/rock of wintermooncontrol/aggro/other is not dominated by a single deck. it's just that some games that should be close/epic/exciting end up being anticlimactic because of a champion ability

there's a lot more to a 60 card deck than that, but i think that champion ability makes many matchups too predetermined/unfun

in terms of balance (ignoring the variance), the champion ability itself is fine for some expected turn count
but winter moon is able to survive past that that turn count because of some strong cards/combinations

it restricts what can be played a lot if players are on a clock and also in need of holding back troops and resources. nothing is inherently wrong with that type of game, but it seems like a poor fit for the card pool that Hex has

02-29-2016, 07:32 PM
No real need, but I do think the charge power could cost 1 more charge. Is it frustrating to watch someone peek, oracle song, peek, oracle song, peek, hit you with a crocosaur? Yes, yes it is. But we'll get a whole host of new and interesting champions. There are ways to absorb Wintermoon into the meta, I just think that part of the problem with wintermoon is the fact that set 3 has hung around our necks like an Albatross for so long, given that it was the only set released in 2015. At first it was our luck, but we killed it, it's dead and it's time set 3 was buried. At least you can look forward to 555 where it almost certainly be a wintermoon free limited experience.