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02-29-2016, 04:23 AM
I love the fact that for once some one is taking advantage of the fact that it's an ONLINE tcg.... There are a lot of idea's and I'll probably come back to edit the OP but so far here is what I got.

Powerful wild beasts, artifacts, vehicles, and mounts
This is an idea I got from some other sources and kinda mixed them together however these powerful cards all have a similar theme and have one of the following going on:
The card will not function unless another card(s) is assigned to it.
The card will get a large bonus if another card(s) is assigned to it.
The card will transform into another card as long as another card(s) is assigned to it.
Think that gets the idea across. The cards assigned to it usually can't be targeted but can not do anything ether. Here are some exsamples I have in mind.

:diamond: Mounts
Mounts can be assigned riders, some may require a troop to have rider/carvery as a trait to do so while others will allow any troop to be there rider. The Mount with out the rider may not do anything but stand around and do nothing or just block, it may get bonuses from the rider, or it may attack troops at random during your attack phase.

:ruby: Machines of War
Machines of War can be assigned pilots and/or operators, pilots will most likely have to have a pilot trait but operators only need to be if there function is complex. (cranking a handle don't need an engineer but regulating steam pressure will). These are most likely to not work with out something assigned to them, and if not will get a bonus, some might get a bonuses the more operators running it (to a limit, or not... lol).

:sapphire: Grand Spells
These can be assigned a mage/clerics (or sage, counts as mage/clerics but better! lol =p). Grand spells take turns to activate and need a set amount of mages, an perhaps take less time for X number of assigned mages over that. Mages assigned to a spell CAN be targeted unless the spell says otherwise. If there isn't enough mages from people killing them the counters on it start being removed every turn instead of added.

:wild: Wild Beasts
These can be assigned tamers and I think you should be getting the idea here... lol The tamers CAN be targeted unless it says otherwise.

:blood: Rituals
Same as grand spells but you can sacrifice people to it to speed things along, some may act as constants so long as they have enough counters on them.

:stormcloud: Mystic artifacts
Like Machines of War but with mages/clerics.

I don't know if this needs more detail or not... i'm not very good at communicating with others or expressing my ideas to others, a little autistic... so sorry if it don't make much sense

Equipment - CARDS
Come on... why don't we have these? lol

Multi card transformation

Idea in short.... cards that combine with other cards to make a new card.... some could take several cards and make an oversized card (like the size of 4 cards arranged 2x2)

Maybe some that make 3x3 in size (but don't take 9 cards ... or maybe they do for a raid) that are for PvE bosses only. Or to be used by the raid boss itself. Trying to keep enough cards from being put out by the raid boss to make the 3x3 that is the boss in card form could be the kinda OMFG experience along the lines of trying to beat the Army of Myth before it hits turn 5 and things start descending into madness. holding out Vs 30+ unique cards is no fun. Paticuarly when 5 of them are hex dragons

02-29-2016, 05:33 AM
Cool ideas. I like the idea of assigning a certain troop to another card to make one more powerful card. The theme of physical machines and beasts and stuff is a good way to include it in the lore.

02-29-2016, 05:40 AM
Yah and if the machine blow up or the mount is killed, then the troup is still there (unless it says otherwise..... some early tanks where real deathtraps x.x)

02-29-2016, 04:59 PM
We already have equipment. Radiant Armor, Crown of the Primals, and Root Forge Regalia. Probably others. There is no need for a different card type for it, actions, constants, and artifacts all do the job fine.

02-29-2016, 07:22 PM
Interesting ideas, though I doubt they'll make it in.

I will say that I would bludgeon any of Corey Jones' enemies senseless right in front of him for a "mount" for the adventure map where I clicked on a previously explored area and was immediately moved there (or at least moved 4x the speed we do now). As it stands, I tend to go get a glass of water when I click the far side of the giant U shaped map to give my character time to meander his way slowly through the map.

03-02-2016, 12:03 AM
LOL tell me about it...