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03-05-2016, 08:11 AM
P.12 of the rulebook reads: "The player with the majority of Test Subjects in the 'activated' Test Chamber earns the rewards displayed in that panel. No players are rewarded if there are no Test Subjects in the 'activated' Chamber, or if there is a tie for majority."

The underlining for "majority" is in the text. Some clarification requested:

The term "the majority of Test Subjects" indicates that over half of the Test Subjects in the Chamber need to belong to one player. This means there are cases where no-one will have "the majority of Test Subjects"; for example: [Three players have Test Subjects in the chamber. The first has three, the second has two and the third has one. None of the players has the majority of Test Subjects].

There being a "tie for majority" would occur in one case, where two different players had an equal number of Test Subjects in the Chamber, with no third or fourth player having any Test Subjects present at the same time. There is no mention in the rulebook of what should happen if there is neither a majority, not a tie for majority, though the natural implication would be that the same result should apply as when there is a tie for majority, i.e. no reward.

Is this implication correct?

OR: Does the absence of any mention of what to do this case imply an alternative explanation; that what is in fact intended by the rules by "the majority of Test Subjects" is rather "the highest number of Test Subjects", and not a literal reading of the text? In which case in the above example the reward would be given to the first player, who has three Test Subjects.

Some disagreement about this among my gaming buddies.

03-05-2016, 01:17 PM
The highest number of Test Subjects is the intent.