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03-07-2016, 06:06 AM
So, now that the first major HXE-ran tournament is behind us, I figured having a thread to give feedback on the coverage of the event might be warranted. How did you guys feel about the stream coverage? Anything you think worked really well? What did you think could see some improvement? Basically what changes would *YOU* like to see for the next major HXE tournament.

Please note that my critiques are nothing personal and are merely to be interpreted as constructive. It was plain to see that everyone tried their very hardest, but it's always important to note what can be improved upon.


Generally good, you could tell there were some technical difficulties as the card display tech wasn't running at the outset, but was used to great effect as the tournament went on. I think that the stream was sorely lacking in a results ticker to run along bottom of the screen, providing standings and results of other matches as the current one goes on as we were entirely reliant on the hextcg twitter or the commentators to find out the results of non feature matches. I was expecting far more awkward stalling for time due to technical issues and what have you, and though such things were present it didn't dominate the proceedings and I felt that staff reacted well in those situations.

Coverage Staff (in no particular order):

SolidSnake76: Snake had two roles to fill - overall host of the proceedings, and play-by-play. As host, I think he crushed it, as he appeared calm collected & confident the entire time. I think he can credit a lot of this down to his practice for his personal streams, where he treated it more like a professional show and had structured segments with all of the talking points that come along with that. Right look, right voice, right attitude, can't fault him. As play-by-play there's still room for improvement however - don't get me wrong, he kept up with the action admirably and calling the plays was absolutely fine, but the issue I found with his casting is that he didn't set Dino up very well for analysis. Snake would describe a play, then silence, and Dino would step in to discuss the play which would often lead to repetition. I would have liked to have seen more questions thrown Dino's way from Snake - lots of why's & how's, give Dino more direction for his analysis. Overall though, Snake seemed the standout of the three to me and I think with practice he can really do well by coverage.

Dinotropia: Very hot and cold for me personally, and I think a lot of that was down to nerves, especially so day one. A few mistakes were made with regards to possible lines of play but everyone makes them so it's not a knock against him, and he almost always identified the correct lines that the player would take before they made them which is often difficult to do so mad props to him. That said, I think in his role as colour he struggled, as I feel he focused too much on the play that was chosen by the player, rather than giving alternative lines and why they might be better (meaning it often felt like we had two play-by-play guys). Essentially, I feel he needed a little more edge to his analysis, and I don't recall any instances where he was critical of a choice a player made, despite several huge player mistakes. Though I understand the reasoning, as no-one wants to come across as superior, it meant that on multiple occasions opportunities to provide insight were missed in favour of stating the obvious or making justifications for the player. The perfect example of this is the coverage of Valuecity's draft, where both Snake & Dino were so focused on the choices that Value was making (even when it was just obvious reserve filler choices) that they completely missed how ridiculously open spiders were, or discussing the rest of the pack that wasn't R/D in general - JJ would then go on to crush the draft with those same spiders. That said, of all of the roles, providing colour and analysis can be the hardest, and Dino did well given his lack of practice in the role, which will only improve with time.

Alucard2004: Solid and confident when giving interviews, which is a huge plus in his first major event doing coverage as you expect a certain amount of nerves, especially so when he's very much an on-camera role. I think some of the questions he asked the competitors were a little clunky (unable to give specifics due to poor memory, but I remember a lot of questions that had obvious answers) but overall he went above and beyond my expectations. If he could squeeze a little more insight out of the players it would be grand, though this might require extensive note taking on the game in order to formulate appropriate questions (and he may have had other duties during match). His rapport with staff for the spoiler stuff was good and can only get better with time, and he definitely has the right demeanor and voice for coverage.


I understand that there were limitations in terms of the client that held back probably a lot of things that they would have liked to have done, but the handling of reserves was pretty awful honestly. They kept focusing on the players on camera during reserves, rather than just focusing on the clients and flipping between both screens. Really, I feel like in a tournament like this, they should have shown the first player's perspective on reserves (IN CLIENT!), then once they've submitted, give the second player permission to start changing reserves and swapping to show their client. You would have to modify the reserves system in order to facilitate this (hold off on letting second player change reserves until first player has finished theirs?), but anything has to be better than what they did. Bad!

Personal requests for future:

1. I'd like a stats guy, someone to turn to between rounds that can break down how good archetypes are versus each other in a structured way with onscreen graphics. They mentioned several stats over the course of the stream, but it was scattershot and it lost effectiveness as a result. HXE must be collating a TON of data from matchups through the client, and having someone able to break it down and go "traditionally, X has been the stronger deck versus Y" and so on.
2. Rotate some new faces in! I would love to see Alucard, Dino & Snake back in coverage roles in the future, but there's no harm in developing a stable of talent to draw from. I bet there are a bunch of players who are itching to get a shot at an opportunity, and there are a lot of talented analytical minds in the game right now.
3. More merchandise opportunities for those not at the event. HXE are a small company I know, but it's really sad that there were no opportunities for those not at the event to purchase some goodies! And I don't just mean online sales for the US, it needs to be global shipping if Cory want's to start throwing around terms like "Global game".

03-07-2016, 06:33 AM
i was quite happy with the event, more and acutal stats would have been good as lr pointed out.

snake did very well :) he was great and i for me love to watch dino too, he was a bit nervous but he lives hex and thats what matters for me, alu was great too, but he might need some more aluHype he is/was much more entertaining and hyped on his own streams, some in the middle hype would have been great ;D

major improvements: i would love to see some cosplayers (girls ofc) with round numbers like in boxing for the next time! Kappa

all in all i was entertained during the whole event, quite good start for the 1st one.

good job guys :)

03-07-2016, 06:49 AM
I usually get bored with high end events because I would rather be playing then watching, but the Hex Invitational was a pleasant surprise. Maybe it was due to the content and my love for Hex, but I ended up watching the entire invitational over the weekend. For a first attempt at a major event, huge props to Cory and team for putting on a great event.

To echo what LightReaper said, I would definitely like to see new tech used to watch other players, particularly during the draft portion. In regards to the casters, all three did a great job and I had no complaints there. I look forward to the next invitational and expect great things.

03-07-2016, 06:55 AM
It was a great tournament and all people done a good job. I can absolutely agree with Lightreapers summary!

The only thing i was a bit disappointed was the presentation of the drafting. I was really excited to see the same draft from the perspective of multiple players at the same time, but in the end it was the same experience you get from a normal draft stream. I know there is no easy way of doing this in the stream, but I was hoping they came up with something.

But thats only a minor issue. I enjoyed the tournament very much!

03-07-2016, 08:02 AM
This was a fairly well written and fair critique of the coverage all in all. Good job with the posts.

As for me i agree with pretty much all of your points to a degree but in the end you have to remember that these guys are for all purposes 100% amateur talent. They did an AMAZING job at presenting all of this considering it was literally their first time truly handling all of this.

My one and only gripe i had and this is in no way meant to be mean was that Dino has some really unique mannerisms. I love the guy and his streams but he tends to roll his eyes back and have his face freeze in a lull of thought a bit too often. He did a great job literally everywhere else but if i had to say one thing for improvement it would be that. He has the right tone of voice and ha proven he knows his stuff however. I cant think of anyone that could have done it better either.

And for the record i do believe they both mentioned multiple times about how many spiders and sapphire in general was wheeling. But in the end a play by play of what someone is picking is about the cards they are picking and why they are getting picked. I cant fault them for that.

03-07-2016, 08:58 AM
Coming from someone who has done personal shows and and live professional events, the jump is rather large in terms of what is expected from the caster. My biggest compliment to Dino is how much he learned from day one to day two. Casting is a a trial by fire type of experience. You sometimes have to try and view the results to see what you are doing right and wrong. Doing it for the first time with a camera is a big deal as well as color commentators often stare off into space sometimes when trying to recall something. This is something that Dino really improved upon when you watched him in between matches.

I personally wasn't a believer in play by play action calling for hex but the cadenance from snake was solid and really made it interesting. Yes I know I can see everything that is going on on the screen but during those times I look away for 15 seconds, it is nice to know what is still going on.

Congrats to a great event casters and I know you'll continue to get better.

03-07-2016, 09:32 AM
I loved the draft contrary with Chark. Inspires a lot confidence. I would love to see more guest commentary with Hex Staff peppered throughout the event.

03-07-2016, 10:47 AM
The only thing that bothered me and bothered me even more that it wasn't corrected was the viewer able to hear what was being fed to the announcers through the in-ear. Then again....if that is my biggest gripe....it was a smashing success!

03-07-2016, 11:15 AM
Some negative feedback from my guild/my observations during the streams:

Disappointed some players got zero face time/overviews
Arbitrary stat sharing on who is the "best" was just weird and unrelated to anything even the most experienced HEX player has access to.
Way too many mentions of the Dragonborn. It was kind of off-putting and really painted a biased viewpoint on tournament favorites.
No real call out for potential misplays. I guess this one is kind of a double-edged sword. Could make the caster look bad...
Would have been nice for more draft coverage on pick orders, but it was better than I expected getting to see 2 and those players were "sitting" next to each other.

Positive Feedback:

Spoils were great
Casters all came into their own as the event advanced. I wouldn't expect anything more from them as their first professional experience.
Technical difficulties were handled fairly flawlessly (again, learn from experiences, will get better with time)
Very proud of what we were able to witness and the high level of play. It was a good showcase for HEX, and one I would not be embarrassed to introduce new players to interested in competitive play.
Good coverage overall for the competitive modes, the back stories we were able to see on the highlighted players were nice.

03-07-2016, 11:26 AM
Snake killed it for his first time being in such a position. There was way more downtime than I expected there to be where Snake/Dino had to just talk and talk until the next segment was ready which made both of their jobs even more difficult. Snake was perfect for this job and glad they selected him over some other more prominent personalities who would seem more like obvious choices. CZE deserves a lot of credit here.

For as pumped as Alucard gets during his own streams, he seemed way too reserved at times for his role. Yea, talking with developers and set 4 spoilers is one thing, but he should have been a bit more animated and personable with the participants. Maybe he was told to tone it down from his superiors, but to me, that just defeats the purpose of having him specifically in that role. Interviewing Koma at the end seemed more like a business interview than a celebratory one. Give the guy a high-five, do something Alu-like to define your personality to newer viewers so you'd be as popular with them as you are with the veteran players who obviously really like you.

Dino seems the hardest to fairly critique. His insight during games was very good. His presentation and camera time needs a lot of work. He got marginally better as the days wore on, and nobody questions his passion and effort, but it just didn't hit the mark for me as much as I wanted it to.

I think for an optimal viewing experience the color guy needs to be a lot more edgier and a starker contrast to the PBP guy. I would suggest expanding to a 3 man PBP team as many sports broadcasts have done over the past 5-10 years. You basically have the PBP guy, a strategist/expert, and the true color guy. Somebody has to be way more critical at times even in a trolling manner. A player with the personality type of Neo or Fridged would be good for this role.

If anyone is familiar with the NBA, Jeff Van Gundy is perfect in this spot. Someone has to be critical of mistakes, players themselves, and somewhat goofy at times. It just works.

03-07-2016, 12:04 PM
Needs more Roostasaur.

03-07-2016, 12:19 PM
Needs more Roostasaur.

Don't we all.

03-07-2016, 01:00 PM
I'd like to point something out. Not only over the HXE invitational broadcast but, in general, in most e-sports events I've watched, there seems to be a tendency to get the casters dressed up as bankers/businessmen.

To me someone like Dino (I love his stream to bits by the way) screams fancy dress (and hat!) Putting him in a suit is like having a bath with your socks on. It just does not work.

My 2 cents anyway!

Otherwise I quite enjoyed the broadcast. Bearing in mind all the casters were jumping from amateur to semi-pro this weekend they did a great job. Well done guys!

03-07-2016, 01:33 PM
Needs more Roostasaur.

After two days together, I can honestly say it still wasn't enough. <3

03-07-2016, 02:00 PM
i like draft. i like constructed.
but i'm not a fan of combining them in one bracket. i don't remember the names, but someone went 4-0 in constructed and we didn't even get to follow that deck onwards.

i'm not sure what can be done about the overall casting.
excitement about some of the less interesting games and drawing conclusions from a sample size of a couple games detracts from the quality of the commentary
but it was obvious that the event was trying to promote the game, so i'm not sure what they could have done instead
it's a similar problem faced by other games trying to be esports. i guess the trick is to be an advertisement without coming across as an advertisement. maybe it's easier when games are more exciting by default

03-07-2016, 02:18 PM
On the whole, the event and coverage were great. Snake in particular absolutely CRUSHED in his role. If I didn't know otherwise, I'd swear he was an announcer for a living. Hire that man.

I was very disappointed that we didn't get any special views for the draft portion. All we got was the equivalent of a normal user's twitch stream, with voiceover. I really expected to see some kind of live view of multiple players, or at least a running list of what cards had been picked by each player (and what was in front of them to choose from), so we could get commentary on the overall shape of the draft, instead of what just one player was doing. This feels like a big gap to me that I would like to see improved in the future. The data is available, regular community members have already made draft tools with the API, it should be possible to merge that data into a single interface to show activity it real time.

More tech to give the casters more data and talking points would definitely help the overall production value and make it more interesting, so they don't get stuck feeling like they are filling time with nothing solid to talk about.

03-07-2016, 02:28 PM
i like draft. i like constructed.
but i'm not a fan of combining them in one bracket. i don't remember the names, but someone went 4-0 in constructed and we didn't even get to follow that deck onwards.

I think that's part of the point, you are suppose to follow the player more than following the deck. The meta is going to change significantly over the course of a few months, and the players will continue to play the game. I believe that most if not all competitors looked at the tournament and understood that Day 1 was more about winning at least 2 games to advance in to the draft portion.

03-07-2016, 02:39 PM
Snake showed realy high class. I also realy felt he is pro
One gripe i had. More varied vocabulary. I had feeling i amhearing xx online all time. Probably becuase i am more used to "hit te board" by penta from fiveshard

03-07-2016, 02:41 PM
Since in general I think the event went great I will just say this one thing.

I was dissapointed by the lack of critical play reviewing during the commentary. We basically had two play by play casters who called out the plays. Dino often said something like "thats a good play" but there basically never was "he missed this play" or "the alternative would have been to..". On the one hand I can understand that you dont wanna call out a player on his potential misplays. And you realy dont want to be wrong with your misplay claim. But..it is just very dry if you never go anywhere near that direction. Look at the HS casts. They have no problem calling misplays out. And even if a caster gets something wrong another caster corrects him (usually). Maybe there was a policy to not talk about potential misplays at all. If thats the case the casters cant be blaimed (and the policy should be scrapped). All I know is that discussing alternative plays realy brings action into a cast. Otherwise its little more calling the moves turn by turn. For a more lively commentary I would have like fridged or penta. Best case two guys who are not afraid to call out misplays and who will discuss alternative plays as well (basically the HS casting model).

03-08-2016, 05:59 AM
With only 10 playewrs they shoulds cover all players well. 0 coveragw for bootlace, whiel dragonbron all the time. Thats wrong.
Another thing. TOunrament structure. Dont even try to do that again. If during day only thing to achieve was getting 2 wins, players with 2-0 could easily just concede round 3 and 4. It would be bad for the show, but no one could realy blame them as it was pointless to play at this point.

03-08-2016, 07:01 AM
I wonder if some players specifically asked not to be on camera i can't speak for anyone there but had i been there i would at least have expressed a wish to be excluded from that.

03-08-2016, 07:18 AM
From what I could tell during the Casting Coliseum Hex had very rigid guidelines for how the wanted the casters to be. I think this contributed to the lack of criticism or back and forth between Snake and Dino.
However, I think Snake did a great job in his role as moderator and responded well to the technical difficulties and changes to the broadcast. I agree that a three person booth of Snake as the host/play-by-play and two color commentator's who could respond to each other might be an improvement.
For their first times in front of the camera everyone did much better than could have been expected and I think they will all improve a lot the next time around. With that being said I hope Hex keeps and open mind and continues to develop casting talent and try new things.

03-08-2016, 08:43 AM
- different formats beeing played
- set 4 spoilers
- the casters
- Cory speech (!)

what i did not like:
- the finals at 2-3 am in europe...
- no upload of videos on the not featured matches (i would have been amazing to be able to select streams for all matches!)
- no real video upload at all, you can only see the last braodcast on twitch, which is really a bummer...
(edit: videos uploaded on Youtube, my suggestion would be to also make them available on twitch and to put them into an article or something...)
- no walkaround in the arena as far as i could see
- interviews with the crowd could have been nice
- a best of 5 in the finals would be a little more spectacular (!)

But overall I enjoyed the tournament very much and was very excited! I hope to see such a great event at least once a year!

03-08-2016, 09:14 AM
From what people have been talking about wanting to see more of different players and maybe even all at once you might need to step back and see the big picture. Your talking 8 people seeing up to 17 cards at a time and making very difficult and strategic choices the entire time. That is a lot of information to present. Even if it were just jumping from one player to another you have to look at his current picks analyze them and then make conclusions to banter about onscreen. That is FAR too much to expect any caster to jump into with a game like this especially when they are literally total novices at doing it. They kept the structure of the play by plays simple which is all you can do in a situation like this. The only way to actually handle more than one draft or set of games at a time is to have an entirely different set of hosts running an entirely different stream. Then youve just doubled your logistics. Sure you could automate something to show other peoples picks in the client but that would pull resources away from actually devolving the game for something that lasts two days and literally one draft.

Everyone involved did a great job by keeping to the roots of what has to be presented and keeping it all simple. The more complicated things are the more likely they are to break.

Also keeping the spotlight on the dragonborn guys wasnt a total mistake i would say. As far as teams with real hex fame they really are high on the list. They are a big deal. Still spreading the love is always a nice thing.

03-08-2016, 09:32 AM
Is pronouncing bury to rhyme with furry a British thing or something? Because that was driving me nuts all weekend. In the US -- and the dictionaries I consulted to make sure I wasn't crazy -- it's pronounced the same as berry. If that is a regional variation, fair enough.

03-08-2016, 10:38 AM
i thought everyone involved did a great job. Broadcasting live continuously for 6-8 hours is extremely difficult and it came through very professionally with only a few small hiccups along the way.

A couple minor nit picks -

I never saw any on-air mention of why the field was 10 instead of 12. People were left to piece it together through unofficial comments from the Twitch chat. There may be unknown reasons for not wanting to mention it during the stream, but if the reasons given in the chat were accurate, then I think the players that weren't able to make it as least deserved some kind of acknowledgement and the viewers deserved some kind of explanation.

There were at least a dozen times where it was said (mostly by Snake) some variation of, "These are the best X players in HEX (where 'X' = 10, 8, 4, 2, or 1). I think it's a stretch to say that someone's a better player than another based on the results of one match, especially when we've just viewed that Game 3 was a hard-fought back-and-forth battle decided by who got the luckier topdeck. It's fine to say that they're "great", "skilled", "experienced", "creative", "elite", etc. players (if effect, including these players in a certain class), but I'd stay away from saying that they're the best (which excludes other players from that class).

03-08-2016, 11:22 AM
On road but wanted to chime in and say I thought I'd give it a 5 minute watch at most and logged in at least 4 hours due to how engaging it was. Fantastic job by everyone in my opinion, especially since it was a first for most of the people organizing and shout casting. As someone else mentioned in another thread, wish there was more awareness of it, simply that it would have been great entry into to the game for those who like esports or twitch, when it seems the majority of the viewership were Hex vets. Would have loved to see it promoted on Twitch front page or even Google adwords (could have but if so I missed it).

Quality and content is something everyone involved should be celebrating though! Impressive!

03-08-2016, 08:40 PM
Grats Hex on your first official live event, I really enjoyed watching it.

-Great casting in general, kept energy up, made decent observations, especially enjoyed Dino
-Production values were higher than I expected, nice player spotlight videos, transitions were mostly ok (except for poor Cory :o)
-Overall tournament format was nice, constructed -> draft -> constructed
-Prize structure was well set, top heavy enough to keep things interesting but not so top heavy that you felt really bad for people losing a match

-Wired mics! Seriously, get some wireless mics for the interviews :)
-Crowd noises - sometimes we could hear the crowd which was really nice but often the crowd mics seemed to be off or not working
-Lack of crowd shots - we want to see the crowd too :)
-bo3 semis and finals, should be b05 at very least for finals
-Play by play commentary was a little distracting at times, spelling out things that didn't need to be spelled out and emphasising some plays that had no relevance ("mesmeric hypnotist stops troop X from blocking" when there are no attacking troops etc), sometimes things can be left unsaid

03-08-2016, 09:03 PM
My one and only gripe i had and this is in no way meant to be mean was that Dino has some really unique mannerisms. I love the guy and his streams but he tends to roll his eyes back and have his face freeze in a lull of thought a bit too often. He did a great job literally everywhere else but if i had to say one thing for improvement it would be that. for that.

I've never watched Dino before but as soon as he came on camera I thought he was great. I loved his unique mannerisms. Sometimes sports commentary can get so dry and stale, Dino added spice just by the way he conducted himself. Never change, Dino! :) :) Will have to check out your stream now

03-09-2016, 09:50 AM
It was great. Excellent job!
I watched it all and enjoyed it. It wasn't perfect though so here are a few hopefully constructive comments.
I didn't watch their Colosseum as I've had trouble getting twitch to work in the last couple of week (got it going on the tablet now -used to be able to run 3+tabs of twitch, now my whole internet connection shuts down when I connect with PC) but clearly they put considerable effort in to preparing and I was impressed.

Some of the things I thought might be improved upon were almost certainly due to HEX guidelines.

My biggest point would be depth of analysis. I don't want to seem critical of Dinotropia here but there wasn't enough depth here for me -this may even have been a deliberate decision by someone not to make it seem overwhelmingly complicated.#

Two Examples:
- Benvolio decks were mentioned and they said the players had cards included to deal with that but there was no discussion of what those cards were, why they would help or what had to be left out to make room for them. What went in and out in sideboards and why would have been great subject matter too.
- When Valuecity's third draft pick came round with both Hatchery Cultivator and Parriphagy that looked like a pretty strong signal to me that was at least worth mentioning. It turned out that JJ had taken the legendary from this pack before transitioning to spiders but there was no way to know that at the time and Valuecity did get passed a lot of good Vennen cards that ended up in JJ's deck ..it may well have been right to stay with the plan (my drafting success rate says I don't really know what I'm doing ;)) but I feel confident it was wrong not to talk about it.

Dino clearly knows his stuff from what I have seen of his stream so whether this was nerves, direction from above or just not thinking it was wanted I don't know. I don't recall him really covering this stuff in his stream either though so maybe he's just not set up for it mentally.
I'm going to name Phoenix now (WhitePhoenixTV) now as his analysis streams really do make me feel I'm learning something. Check out his regular stream if it's not clear what I'm talking about (or if it sounds like something you'd like).

* I felt fairly acutely that there was pressure to make this accessible to the uninitiated ..but there wasn't much explicit encouragement to new players or for people to try it out and explanation of what a new player could expect.
* I'm not sure how I feel about the suits. I think they didn't spoil it and the more silly stuff we're used to from Alucard and Dinotropia could certainly have had a negative impact for many. It was the safe option and it was fine.. but also slightly disappointing.
* Completely ignored the Twitch Chat. Clearly the presenters shouldn't have been trying to read all that but they could definitely have had someone feeding them tidbits (Havoc saying Sight of the Sun was better than Reese springs to mind and would have made a great question for Alucard but there were other noteworthy comments).
* Alucard showed just how hard it can be to get an engaging interview when the interviewee doesn't have much they want to say already. Leading interviews aren't terribly satisfactory either (and we get plenty of those from the professionals) -this is really hard to do well and he didn't flub it.
* Scenes from below. We saw cosplayers in the background looking a bit awkward at the end and I suspect they wouldn't have been very interesting to hear from (though they could have had something scripted to say about their character) but it might have been nice to see them earlier.

I was disappointed not to see more of the Phenteo deck -possibly the initial constructed phase should have had a final-4 seat or two to be won given the strong luck element of drafting and the irrelevance of the 3rd and 4th win in the actual format but there's certainly a strong case for not doing that too.
Seeing two drafts was good too -but try to pick people who aren't adjacent next time eh? (I'm guessing they picked two players in advance and didn't know the seating). Certainly seeing more info from the draft would have been better but I was happy. I felt the

I rather liked being able to hear the producer :-)

03-09-2016, 02:44 PM
I forgot to say that it would have been really nice to go best of 5 for at least the semi-finals and final.

03-09-2016, 03:19 PM
I forgot to say that it would have been really nice to go best of 5 for at least the semi-finals and final.

Agree for the finals, for sure.

03-09-2016, 04:51 PM
I thought the event was great, but then again I have never been to an esports event before so I really don't have much to compare it to. I brought some friends with me who had never played Hex before, and a few who have never played any sort of TCG, but they were all really excited by what they saw and were eager to try the game. So I think that alone speaks to how much hype and energy there was at the venue!

The one thing I would like to see for future events is... more cool merchandise to throw money at!!

03-10-2016, 12:52 AM
Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I have to open with how proud I am with all the work everyone put into the event and the efforts from the competitors that made it compelling to watch. Though you may not have seen them on camera, over 50 people came together to make this event a success for fans of HEX and ESports.

Clearly there's a continuous progression and improvement in our ability to execute on various aspects of the tournament and broadcast. There are things we'll improve upon, things we'll add, and things we'll drop as we build and then refine our broadcast. I've seen some very good ideas in this thread already. We went into the event knowing some things would be an issue and accepting that with each change, a new set of risks or variables can be introduced to the equation. So, one chooses "the devil you know," so to speak. Some are things one can only improve by getting reps in and you'll see great improvement as people develop their natural talents. Some we knew could be a very temporary issue that would be solved with tech in the future, like the Reserves process or inter-team communications. Some are just a difference of opinion, and that feedback is always valuable too as we take in different perspectives.

Some issues or opportunity for improvement we didn't identify and as usual, our community comes up with great ideas that we'll look into adopting and implementing. It's inspiring to see so many people invested in this tournament as fans and players. Thank you all again for your feedback on this momentous occasion for HEX and please keep contributing to this discussion.

03-10-2016, 01:55 AM
It looked very professional. Instead of hearing about Dragonborn every 5 minutes maybe just have peoples guild names under the players names when they show standings and whatnot.

I personally didn't like the format at all. The best performing constructed deck didn't make it to the finals in a constructed finals and the person with the worst qualifying record did make it to the constructed finals due to their draft play. It just doesn't make sense to my brain, I don't really mind it involving both draft and constructed but maybe remove day 1 all together and have 2x 8 player drafts and have 8 advance to a constructed final? It just seems odd to me that in a competition where 2 of the 3 rounds/events are constructed and we don't even see the best constructed decks in the finals.

03-10-2016, 02:12 AM
It looked very professional. Instead of hearing about Dragonborn every 5 minutes maybe just have peoples guild names under the players names when they show standings and whatnot.

I personally didn't like the format at all. The best performing constructed deck didn't make it to the finals in a constructed finals and the person with the worst qualifying record did make it to the constructed finals due to their draft play. It just doesn't make sense to my brain, I don't really mind it involving both draft and constructed but maybe remove day 1 all together and have 2x 8 player drafts and have 8 advance to a constructed final? It just seems odd to me that in a competition where 2 of the 3 rounds/events are constructed and we don't even see the best constructed decks in the finals.

I actually felt the opposite. I like that day 1 was constructed and was used to select the players who would then draft the next day. Draft then determined who played the semi finals in constructed. It all just seemed to click to me. One thing I would have like to see though would be that for the second day constructed event the players get to use new decks if they so chose. It would have been great to see how these amazing players decided to read the metagame of the first day and would have made a great downtime discussion topic for the announcers.

03-10-2016, 02:20 AM
So Overall I really liked the show. I mean, I was at work, and basically knew what was happening because of Twitter. But over the course of Friday through Monday, i sat down and watched the replay, because it was so much fun to watch the plays. I think a lot of good positive feedback has already been presented both roses, and thorns. Here are a few of my own thoughts.

Every caster did a good job in my opinion and while their were some nerves, and some miss ques, I felt overall all of the casters performed well. I think they wanted each person to have a spot, fill the spot, and not move from the spot. IE Snake was the play by play, the whole time. Snake and Dino are very good, both at streams and at the game. However they are a split focus of both constructed and draft. Alucard on the other hand is almost completely focused on draft. So i wonder if switching Alucard in for the draft portion might not have paid off. As he might have had more to say during that phase.

Some have brought up the idea of expanding the commentators to three. If they were to do that, having a draft specialist as one of the three, would pay off. Whether this was Alucard, or another person just depends on where we are when the next event comes about.

One thing I think would have helped with Snake, Dino, and Alucard's performance, assuming they didn't do this, is a plan of attack. A little pregame analysis from all three of them over what they think about the constructed and draft metas, and the show segments. Bouncing ideas off each other about what points they want to bring up during specific segments and what not, might have helped them be better prepared. That being said, when someone turns a camera on and shoves it in your face, expect some disorientation. I can't tell you how nervous I was the first few times I streamed. I still get nervous whenever i have time to stream. So the pressure they were under, and the way they handled it was phenomenal. Which is why i think a plan of attack would be so useful.

I more comprehensive drafting would be fun, if possible. Like having four of the players, none adjacent, on the screen, and instead of talking about each pick. Talk about general strategies. One thing i don't think most of us realized is how slow they would each pick. A lot of times, people talk about how fast they are, when it comes to draft, but with the stakes so high. I saw them waiting to the last second before choosing. (That may have been Hex directive. Which would totally make sense as it would give the commentators more time to talk about what they are going to do.) But that only gives more credit to having more then one draft going at one time. Course this assuming we could find away to present this information, and do it fairly.

Best of Five in the last match i think is a good suggestion as is seeing more of the crowd. Show us their excitement at being there.

The mentioning of the Dragonborn didn't bother me. They were attempting to create drama, over the potential conflict with one another. The mention of Fiveshards didn't bother me, they were using that to talk about the awesome community, and camaraderie.

Finally the two things i personally would like to see in the next big event.

#1. A top 8 game board. With so much on the line, each player took their time making plays, trying to avoid mistakes. This would sometimes have my eye wonder over the board. The lifeless, board that we all play, the one that looked great up until pve came out and said look what i can do! How cool would it have been if the top eight was played...in the frost arena! Or on the grassy courtyard. Or heck, what if Hex had a special tournament board. These boards, especially the ones from the campaign have a lot of stuff to look at and would give new people something to look at while they wait for a play.

#2. More focus on the Cosplayers. All of the cosplayers were phenomenal. Some of these have so much lore to them, so much hype to them. Nerissa the Elven Cleric who befriends you in the campaign and is your constant companion as you explore adventure zone 1. (Well she is mine, i refuse to take her out of my deck ^_^) The Eternal Sage! That outfit was ridiculously awesome! And, and, and....they were in the second place deck!

The cosplayer community is gigantic, and their is no reason why we shouldn't hold their accomplishments aloft, when they come to our venue, nor any reason why we shouldn't pander a little to their fans, and ours. Introduce them, not only as who they are, but who they are portraying. In fact, lets go one step forward. I want a segment where Loregoyle, Michael Kirchoff, comes out and introduces the cosplayers, and talks about them a little. Because who better to tell us about a character without accidentally spoiling lore then him? Also, where was Loregoyle? I know, probably busy, poor guy, slaving a way of AZ2, but any chance to drag him out for some interview time, please feel free, because a lot of us love the lore of Hex, and want to see more of him. :)

Oh one more thought. Some camera time for the nobles, if they don't mind, would have been cool. It be nice to put a face to them, they do a lot for us.

P.s Cory is always awesome to hear from. ^_^

Ok ill shut up now. >.>

03-10-2016, 12:10 PM
Does HexEnt see this event as the 'HexCon' that was promised in the KS?

I'm actually fine if it does, I know they had trouble with that KS goal and it was one of the few things Cory wished he could re-evaluate.

I'm curious as to why it wasn't promoted as an Esports events publicly and as the KS HexCon equivalent to the backers, as I think most of them would have been fine with that exchange.

03-10-2016, 12:47 PM
Does HexEnt see this event as the 'HexCon' that was promised in the KS?

I'm actually fine if it does, I know they had trouble with that KS goal and it was one of the few things Cory wished he could re-evaluate.

I'm curious as to why it wasn't promoted as an Esports events publicly and as the KS HexCon equivalent to the backers, as I think most of them would have been fine with that exchange.

I'd be fine with combining the two and making the tournament part of HexCon if it were announced in advance. But if they were to announce it after the fact, that would make it extremely difficult for most of us to attend unless they're also announcing a huge time travel breakthrough at the same time.

I'd rather they cancel HexCon altogether than say that they held it, but just didn't tell anybody about it.

03-10-2016, 03:05 PM
I enjoyed the show. Tweeted about it the whole weekend (link in sig if you want to check it out). Much love for everyone who came together to pull it off.

There have been some great suggestions so far and I just want to bounce some ideas. My focus is on creating a better eSports spectacle where audiences want to enjoy the battle of skill between players as well as be treated to a vivid, memorable experience.

Personality - We have 2 of the biggest streamers in Dino and Alu as part of the broadcast team. What makes their streams appealing is their unique personas. It felt like they'd had strict instructions not to let any of that seep into the broadcast. I feel that's a mistake and they should be given some level of flexibility to tap into their stream personas on air. eSports is about generating a spectacle, and having memorable personalities whom you can recall is a big part of it. Having a solid PBP will be the lifeline for the uninitiated, but even for them, character connections are easier to establish than understanding a new game. If it was just nerves, then I hope to see them overcome in the future.

More audience interaction segments – There was a big local gathering, but I'm sure there were a fair few who had traveled for hours to get there. Having someone chatting with them about their experience, why they love the game, favourite deck types, cards etc all make for great fillers. You could even have Cory doing a "feed the masses" bit with throwing out signed tees or poster sleeve codes or draft codes wrapped up in little Shroomkin or Omens... [hmm, note to self - have a crack at designing some prototypes of that].

Enhancing the split format - First off, I love it! I think it really sets Hex apart as a game. The answer to the question "What makes a Hex World Champion" is not just someone who can skillfully pilot a pre-constructed deck, but also is able to navigate the nuances of draft. Again, with the intent of making a great eSports entertainer, I strongly feel that allowing players to register either 2 or 3 decks for the finals and letting them choose which one to play on Day 1 and Day 2 adds an element of anticipation that builds up both audience engagement and keeps opponents on their toes. We all saw how the spider deck rocked the scene and got the audience abuzz. Imagine the sheer drama of having the option to shake things up available for Day 2 as well.

Watch all players play at least once - Getting them in front of the audience is all a part of competitive eSports. On a world stage where only 12 people could make it to the big show, I'm sure there were members of the online/live audience who were disappointed not to see their country's representative broadcast at all during Day 1. Apart from that personal element, there's also the element of exposing the audience to all the different playstyles/decks to help them appreciate the depth of competitive prowess.

Restructure broadcast team to reduce downtime - I don't know about the people in the stadium, but there was a lot of pain being expressed online at being unable to watch more than 1 match per round initially. This got bumped to two a round, but I think there is scope for a couple of casting teams to cover multiple matches in a way that provides minimal downtime. This might require a re-think of the way the broadcast team is set up. Potentially a main presentation trio with two other teams, each comprising 1 analyst and 1 flavor/pbp person covering the actual games, 1 competitor/staff interview person and 1 audience/flavor person. It's ambitious, but with a bit of careful planning and a couple of practice sessions to see how it works on the ground and looks online, I don't see why it can't be done successfully to present a seamless viewing experience with high production value. (Sign me up for one of those roles!)

Draft segment coverage - This is an interesting nut to crack. The general feedback online at the time was that it would have been good to see everyone draft. Given the time and technology constraints, as a first attempt, I think what was done was acceptable. Here's a new way to think about what can be done in the future. The draft consists of 8 people drafting 3 packs each. If you view 1 pack per person, the audience gets to see all the players drafting and the uninitiated will get exposed to different draft strategies. There's also more content for the casters to play with. Worth considering if you want to appeal to a broader segment of people and give people more avenues to connect with Hex as an eSport.

Sound/Visuals - With the introduction of the campaign, Hex has upped its visual and sound appeal to where it's on par with the best out there. Use the beautiful music scores from each of the campaign boards during the broadcast instead of just the main theme and figure out a way for each match to be played on a different board. Not only will the new boards delight audiences visually, they can be cues for the casting team to mention little lore-related tidbits that appeal to those who aren't hardcore shard slingers and get them to explore the Campaign aspect of the game. Think of the user story like this. Bree is watching the invitational because she enjoys the competitive aspect, Jim walks by on his way from the kitchen, having picked up his beer to go and watch the news. He sees the Coyotle mesa board and stops to check it out again. They get talking, the commentator drops a tidbit about how the Coyotle take inspiration from Native American lore and some of the mesas actually are large earth elementals that move. Jim is intrigued, downloads the game and falls in love with it.

That's it for now. Hope to see some of it pan out. Happy to chat with the team if they want to explore any of the ideas further.

03-10-2016, 03:42 PM
More audience interaction segments There was a big local gathering, but I'm sure there were a fair few who had traveled for hours to get there. Having someone chatting with them about their experience, why they love the game, favourite deck types, cards etc all make for great fillers. You could even have Cory doing a "feed the masses" bit with throwing out signed tees or poster sleeve codes or draft codes wrapped up in little Shroomkin or Omens... [hmm, note to self - have a crack at designing some prototypes of that].

100% agree with this. I was there. I expected Alu to be doing "man on the street" interviews with the audience at some point. It never happened. Huge missed opportunity.

I flew in from Minnesota to be there. So, I kinda like Hex. Just a little. You know, enough to book a plane and a 3 nights in a hotel to watch 10 dudes play a card game. :) Point a camera at me, and I'll happily evangelize HEX. Given this was in large part a play for publicity / attention on the game (the level of success it had at that goal is a different discussion), why not benefit from impromptu good word-of-mouth?

One bit of constructive criticism for Dino - which I regret not telling him face-to-face at the hotel Saturday night, but it slipped my mind in the evening board / card game hype... Be aware of where your focus is. I feel your focus should be into the camera if you're addressing your audience, or your fellow casting team when engaging in conversation with them. It seemed to me focus was too often up on the ceiling, the table, or some indeterminate spot. It projects a lack of confidence, and detracts from your commentary.

You know your stuff, and we all know you know what you're talking about. Your commentary was A+ and on point all weekend, so there's a lot of good to build from, just make sure the focus is in the right direction. I don't recall seeing this behavior in your personal streams, so maybe it's just nerves?

Hope this helps - given this is my only criticism, you can take that to mean you did a good job!

03-10-2016, 05:37 PM
Everyone did an amazing job and I really think that we have a great starting out team for all the Hex events. Of course there are a few problems and I know that I have talked to each of the casters in person about it all but Im telling you, this was an amazing start for the first event. For the first major event we had for HEX things went SOOO very well.

03-10-2016, 05:38 PM
I really liked the event (I watched the stream). Good players, nice commentary, everything looking professional and help for new players by showing the relevant cards.

Some possible improvements: A bit more jokes might be good, maybe one of the two commentators could focus on that. Furthermore, I didn't like the reset of the scores, it made some games irrelevant in the beginning.

03-10-2016, 05:47 PM
For this being the first event that HexEnt had ever done, I felt it was well done. To be fair, Cryptozoic has done things before with WoWTCG events, but the production for this was much better than anything they had done previous. Snake and Alucard were awesome, and Dino probably would have been fine if he wasn't looking up much of the time he talked. I can understand being nervous and afraid of how his hair looked on stream, but he looked very uncomfortable at times.

Things that could have been better was how the screens of the matches being played were done. It would have been nice to see the perspective from both players in the match like it's done for matches in Hearthstone, though with players being able to respond to actions it might have been hard to do. I also would have liked to have seen the second draft displayed to be a little further over than being just on the right from ValueCity, as it was pretty obvious what the picks were from each pack based on what was seen previously.

03-10-2016, 06:06 PM
I think a lot of the comments people have made before this were really good. I'll put in my thoughts, though I'm sure most of it has been said by others in a better way. Anyway, in no particular order

Player Profiles:
It would have been nice to have player profiles for all the players. Maybe not all of them are played, but they can be made available on youtube so that the viewers can get an idea of who the people are that are playing.

Interview the audience:
Kind of self explanatory. I think a lot of people at the arena would have enjoyed the interaction, and those of us watching kinda would like to see the hype of those watching.

I just thought that the cosplayers were people from the Hex community. After reading the comments here about the cosplayers, maybe there is more info? Anyway, It would have been cool to feature them on stream too. I'm not really into it myself, but some of those costumes were so well done, and it would have even been cool to have an interview about what goes into making a costume like that (and how you choose which character to cosplay).

Top 4 Finals:
I think the Bo5 would have been better here. Many people have said this.

More than 1 deck:
I do think it would be kind of interesting to have 2 submitted decks, and you could choose a different one for the top 4 at the end of day one. This might be too meta-gamey though.

It would have been kind of cool to have the other non-commented games uploaded to youtube as well, or even streamed separately. Maybe there is only one "featured match" but also once that is done, the casters and/or the audience could jump over
to another game still in progress. Also, if each match was uploaded to youtube then people could have fun watching them later.

A common theme in above has been modular uploads to youtube. That's obviously a lot of work making that all, but it would cool - to go back and watch replays and interviews and player profiles. I still feel like I don't know many of the players, and I would like to know them a bit better (who they are, how they got there, any dreams, aspirations, challenges)


All that being said, it was a ton of fun to watch. I enjoyed it a lot, and tried to catch every minute!!!

03-10-2016, 06:13 PM
<snip> One thing I would have like to see though would be that for the second day constructed event the players get to use new decks if they so chose. It would have been great to see how these amazing players decided to read the metagame of the first day and would have made a great downtime discussion topic for the announcers.

Wot he said :-)

03-10-2016, 06:15 PM
So much stuff added its hard to add more but for me i was expecting alucard was going to talk to random people attending for people who dident mind going on camera was dissapointerd it dident happen :'(

03-10-2016, 06:18 PM
I doubt I have much to add that hasn't been said, I haven't read it all yet.

The main thing I would like to have seen is once the feature matches were finished they showed another match and didn't just have the casters talking for so long.

Overall though it was a very good production especially as they had never done it before.

03-10-2016, 06:26 PM
I overall really enjoyed all of the coverage. Everyone involved did such a great job. Could not tell this was a first for the broadcast team or Hex. Alucard was really good at asking questions, though more in future would be better!

IGN CaptJack

03-10-2016, 06:33 PM
I absolutely loved the stream - was great to see people I've gamed with and watched on Twitch getting time on a "big stage". Was very cool to see Hex "live". One thing I would have liked to see more of are the "faces" behind Hex. Meet the developers, artists, etc. Good time though - really hyped me for Hex.

03-10-2016, 06:34 PM
I enjoyed the casting,I wish there was more looking around the event with cameras to see the event,people playing crowd,atmosphere and cos players to really feel the atmosphere.

Also no clam and dino hats.

03-10-2016, 06:39 PM
I'm sure many of the following have been touched on, but here goes:

Overall, the event was amazing, and I'm sure most people who were there agree. My main criticism, however, is actually having set 4 playable at the event. Now, don't get me wrong, being able to play set 4 was really awesome and it gave us spectators lots to talk about, but I do feel like it distracted a bit too much from the featured matches. Having to choose between watching the matches and playing set 4... was not the greatest.

Feedback for Snake:
Snake is a very good, professional moderator. It was clear that the three of you practiced working together, but Snake did a great job of setting up Dino for great color commentary. In terms of criticism, and this is very small criticism, I would say that he probably needed to be prepared for delays a bit better. Having something to talk about while waiting for Cory to be dragged out of his sealed to give a speech for example. Again, super minor criticism.

Feedback for Dino:
Characteristically great commentary, and nice interplay with Snake. There could possibly have been a bit more commentary on the different decisions / lines of play that the players were making, but I can only think of a small number of occasions where Dino wasn't on point. It was a bit apparent that Dino was nervous - and I can't blame him - but in the future, just be the person that you are while staying professional. All in all, great job.

Feedback for Alucard:
Perfect choice for the interview. I do think that some of the questions asked in the interviews were perhaps a bit bland (you just won a crap-ton of money, how do you feel) but then, that's kind of the job. I think that during the interview, some questions could be directed at specific hype parts of the game (What went through your mind when you saw a Crocosaur inspired by Storm Drummer and you didn't leave Suffocate open?). Still, Alu did a fantastic job.

Feedback for all casters:
Suits were a good call, even though the lack of clam / dino hats is kind of a shame. The event definitely felt like a professional eSports event.

Venue Feedback:
Very cool venue, though I really wish that those of us who were on the computers could have had a screen to watch the games simultaneously. I definitely had Twitch open while I was playing set 4 in the back. This goes back to my initial statement above.

Format Feedback:
I definitely like the constructed - limited - constructed format. It showcases different metas and shows off what Hex can do. I do think that best of 5 in constructed might be something to experiment with. I also like the idea of preparing two decks, though I think that idea may have some problems as well.

It would have been kind of cool to get some interviews with people from the crowd. Get some reactions, and just some general hype. I don't really think there was time for it, but it might be something to consider in the future if it is viable.

I would also like to see some other options for SWAG if costs permit. I would have bought the ever loving SHIT out of mousepads / ceramic coffee mugs if they were available. Mousepads in particular make more sense than playmats since the game is digital. Of course, the play mats can be used as mousepads, so perhaps the point is moot.

Finally, just as another random thing, I think it would be kind of cool to hear from the devs about what decks they thought would pop up in the meta when the sets were being designed. I think it would underscore the creativity of both HexEnt and the competitors.

Can't wait for next year!
Halcyonn / Cruseyd

03-10-2016, 06:47 PM
The request I'd like to respond to is the desire from the community for more matches and coverage. It's a lot more complicated than it appears, especially speaking to this past Invitational, but that's one thing we will definitely deliver.

03-10-2016, 07:23 PM
Hello dear sirs of hex. Jakisha is in the house! Lets try to put mine commentary on the hole event.

I will start with a Snake.
Most stable in talking. good conversationalist. Good posture, firm, steady, doing his thing right. Sometimes hes words were all over with mixing out words. Really minor mistake, but its worth to mention, that for that type of mistake he would be fired in hosting job for TV, or radio. I feel like he is trying to say stuff as fast as he can, and that is making him do this type of mistakes. Overall I dont see big things to say here.

His conversation is best of all 3 casters. In that realm he did only 1 mistake at start of the stream when he choked a bit, but I dont see that as mistake, its is just normal for first 15 minutes of that big event. His posture was not good. There are good Alexander posture exercise that I would suggest to practice a bit. Dinotropia is a lot of times in his head when he speaks what makes his eye contact while spaking. I guess many people were trash talking about that part. For me personaly it was not a big deal. I love Dinotropia and didnt bothered me a bit. I feel like I should mention that for that type of cast, he too would be fired from TV as interviews, or would be put to desk job. In radio he would be just fin. As for how to fix this, I feel like I should just treat camera as a girl I am just about to kiss. In that moment when stuff freezes, You are chilled, feeling good, slower with that wicked smile that can win over the world. from that state of mind I am sure its hard to get cought up in your head, you must be focused and watch her in the eyes, and do your stuff.

At begining was kinda backed off during the stream. Overall he was mixture of 2 good worlds. While interviews there was a lot room for a lot of questions, during that section I feelt like he undeperformed a bit, in asence of preping himself with questions.,, like What is favorite thing about your deck from your perspective dear sir? What do you like to play? What went throo your mind when opponent did this? that? But that is just a minor stuff that you get with experiance. While interviewing MisterMatch I would kneel during the interview. To clarity I would probable ask him what is he more comfortable with.

Overall. I come from League of legends scene. There with torunamnets, you see every game. I dont see while we were not be intorcuded to VOD-s of every game, not just featured one. I see how time exosting is to cast every game, but we would watch the hole thing probable. I saw does cosplays at beggining and at the end. They should/could be with caster who is interviewing players. Siting on sofas with interview on some Hex staff, etc... Camera on casters was too close, it felt akword when they didnt look at camera...

03-10-2016, 07:24 PM
Overall, it was a great weekend. I'd like to see pairings posted somewhere at the venue and perhaps displayed throughout the casting. It was difficult to know who was playing who outside of the featured match.

But as I said, it was an excellent weekend. And just the beginning!

03-11-2016, 08:18 AM
Hello dear HEXers,

I wanted to take my thoughts on the Invitational as a whole. I am currently rewatching the broadcast, since I didn't get the time to do so while playing obviously. But I can let you know what I would have liked to see as a player due to participation aswell.

To make sure: these thoughts are purely personal preference and potencial ideas. I don't have insight in technical setup and financial possibilities, so bare with me if some of these thoughts are not even close to be able to realize, may it be time, money or hard- and software.

I will watch the VOD from here on and write down my thoughts and ideas when they come up:

So at the beginning of the tournament when players got introduced, I would have liked profile pictures on stream aside from just names. I personally forgot to tell my friends my online handle and they had a hard time finding out who I even am. Yes my fault at first, but i think doing the introduction with photos makes it easier for the spectator to connect the name with a face.

The first featured match was on hold until commentators were ready. That should be timed more properly or at least be in players favor, forcing players to pause and lose their time can cost someones game. even though i know you can add time on a players clock, it just makes more sense to either let them keep playing. Even a picture with both faces aka "Player X" vs. "Player Y" might do it, aswell as spectators seeing them getting ready to play might be alright.

Commentating on Starting hands. In the first match snake read out each single card they have in their starting hand before they even decided to mulligan or not. To make things easier, let the color commentator take the lead and let him/her analyze the strenght of the starting player, if he/she should mull or not etc. go over to the 2nd player and then, when both players kept their hand or if player 1 kept his hand and things to be said are said by the color commentator, the play by play commentator can start out on a guarantueed starting hand.

First impression about dino is there is no real in depth analysing happening. yes he mentions possible plays, but when he touches the analytical side, he never really say what should be done or stays very vague. I can understand that this way arround, it is really save and doesn't really leave a lot of room for mistakes, wich is fine for probably most people. I personally would like to see more actual possible reasonings WHY something can and should be done. Then again, that requires a lot of constructed knowledge wich I think dino is missing. Thats not intended to be rude or anything, since it would even for me, someone testing and playing a lot of constructed, be hard to do without mistakes. I just think doing it that way would make it also more enjoyable for everyone and people might actually understand what is happening a lot better or even learn from it.

Another point is that dino should call if a game is over and not let the spectator think the opponent still has a chance (hinting to the game 1 of JadiimJedi vs. Cyriius where JJ was clearly dead on board).

What I would have liked to see aswell are interviews with losers alltogether with the winners and not just the winners. I personally would have liked to hear the losers opinion on how the matches went if I wouldn't have been able to ask them personally after the matches (in that case day 2, since I was playing day 1 myself)

About the suits, hats and personalities the commentators have or branded on their own stream.
I personally don't think that either hats or "funny" things streamers do on their own stream fit into this kind of event. Staying professional is something I really really like about these events and bringing your stream "character" to a professional event would feel like they wouldn't take it serious and/or being "trolly", especially if you haven't seen those specific streams before. Nothing against clam and dino hats and stuff, I think they fit into alucards and dinos stream, but don't fit into this kind of event.

As a player, I would have liked to to have a sheet or something simliar where we could look up standings and tiebreakers, at least for day 1. Knowing your next possible opponent would help each player thinking about what they want to do, talk about potencial changes for sideboard plans etc. and/or for people wich are curious just like me or maybe even spectators. Spectators might even want to see these kind of sheets somewhere in the arena (im sure they would like that)

Another thing is the whole "dont turn arround or you get a game loss" thing.
Yes it makes a lot of sense in the setup we had in the arena, but I personally would have prefered not to have these kind of restrictions, not just to be more comfortable, but also to make questions and the fixing of technical difficulties a lot easier by seperating the players as a whole. I know it also makes sense to choose the esports arena since it's near by the office etc. but again, it felt a little bit like I were put in chains when playing. (thats maybe a little bit over the top, but it felt a little bit like that).

Wich I also did not like is taking notes on the stage, it was a little confusing that we can't take your sideboard plans up on stage. You might think "you had so much time testing and practicing your deck, why would you need notes", but in the end, this tournament did put a lot of tension and stress on the players and I also ran a deck that had very specific and a lot of sideboarding options, where a single copy of a card can change a lot. I also think, with testing this much before hand, I would kind of deserve this kind of thing, in case someone says "but other might not have sideboard notes" wich probably sounds like a low level player. I am terrible at memorizing things in general wich is why I even had a paper with all general sideboarding plans for specific matchups. I intended to go from there and adjust acordingly and on the fly and not from maindeck :P
Writing down an opponents hand was allowed for example, so it didn't really made sense to me not to take something on stage.
I just don't see any possible way to exploit taking paper on stage, someone might enlighten me here :P

I kind of want to say things about the "dragonborn got covered way too much" topic, but it is probably better not to since i am biased in that regard anyway :P

I do indeed think that the commentators did a great job all in all. Mentioned preferences are somewhat minor and might change from person to person due to knowledge and/or personal preference, so please please please don't take these thoughts as offense, I thank all of you guys who put the effort into this event and game to make this happen, I really do appreciate it!
The invitational was awesome and i still wish we all could have stayed a little longer. Right, staying longer.
I also would have liked some kind of "after party" since I didn't even got to say goodbye to some people. It was a little bit of a sudden end of the whole event, so that's something that should definatly be changed next time :P
Well, maybe that's a little bit too much though. It probably is normal that way anyway and just felt wrong since our community is so incredibly awesome and everyone knows everyone. It really felt like a community meeting in fact :P

Anyway, these are some of my thoughts on the invitational, it is hard to put everything in here, most moments and events can't really put into words without making it look worse then it actually was, i had a blast and I'm already looking forward to the next event we get to go to :D


03-11-2016, 09:34 AM
Gonna center my feedback around the store:

I'd give it a 7 out of 10 for the weekend. They were able to fill orders and get stuff into the hands of players right as the doors opened, which was a good thing. As far as I know the only people who were not able to secure items they wanted were the players who were a little busy when the store opened and couldn't stand in the line.

I purchased 2 invitational posters, 1 of each of the other posters, a couple playmats, and some shirts. Most people around me were buying "the limit" of 2 posters for all three posters which came with sleeves and 2 playmats. I went down after lunch to pick up some more items (someone mentioned they wanted a Shattered Destiny poster in team chat). Turned out that the 100k and SD posters were sold out then, as were the 100k playmats. Basically everything that was limit 2 except the SoF poster/sleeve.

Here's how I would have run things in hindsight.

Limit 1 on everything on Saturday. Make sure everyone attending on Saturday has a chance to get whatever they want for themselves. Get a hole punch and hole punch people's badges on Saturday to show that they have already made their purchase at the store.

On late Saturday, let people with punched badges make an additional purchase, limit 1 again. On Sunday, you can remove the limits (or make it limit 2 if there was really low stock on stuff). This ensures that everyone who wanted something could get it, and that people could go back and get stuff for their friends later in the afternoon. Win/win.

Also, the store was selling 100k and SD sleeve codes without posters on Sunday, but this was literally word-of-mouth advertising. If you didn't have someone tell you, you'd never have known they were available. $20 got you a code and a mug (or the flimsy promotional poster). I had already made a purchase on Sunday and had to buy MORE mugs to get a couple codes for friends. I would have preferred they had a visible sign saying that codes were available and saved me from buying too many mugs.

Overall these are suuuper nitpicky store complaints. I was able to get what I wanted, but was unable to really get everything my friends wanted, which was kind of the point of the whole thing (those that attend get stuff first). I would just feel terrible if someone made the effort to get to Santa Ana only to find stuff sold out, while some guy Orlando who couldn't be bothered to make the trip ends up with everything from his buddy.

03-11-2016, 12:01 PM
I want to start off by saying that the casters, the unnamed crew and the rest of the organizers of the cast put on a great broadcast. I enjoyed being able to see the event and I'm sure that as more are done, things will get added, removed and improved.

Instead of breaking down each caster on camera I figured I'd just give some overall thoughts. I feel that telling each individual how to do something different is hard since they each have their own style.

1) Casters were left to their own devices far too often. It felt at times as if they were hung out to dry and had to fill time. It's hard enough to be on camera and talk about a complex game of strategy but when there's no direction, even the most intelligent and thoughtful comments can seem disjointed and disorganized.

Suggestion: More visuals. I would have loved to have seen the casters analyze the draft deck lists while the list was on-screen for the viewer to follow. Show the main deck lists and notable sideboard cards and the reasons for why they may use them and what they might sub for them. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to produce those for them to take a look at but it's easier for the audience to follow along with a list, rather than to just listen to someone talk about it.

2) Commentary was too literal. What I mean by this is that the comments, while perfectly insightful and correct, were merely a reflection of the play after the fact instead of providing commentary as to what play they would make or why a play may have been made or what play may have been made instead.

Suggestion: Try to get into the minds of the player and also use your own experiences as players to provide insight as to what makes a good play or even a bad play in certain circumstances. For example, aving a clear winning board state while holding a counterspell knowing that a prophesized Storm Drummer battle is incoming and not holding onto those resources for Suffocate to counter that threat is a clear mistake and should have been pointed out. It was merely glossed over and instead the focus shifted to merely calling the Crocasaur clearing the board instead. This was a missed opportunity to point out why you don't overextend while holding a superior board state and the means to keep it that way.

3) Watch out for overusing specific phrases, terms or names. Repeating things over and over again feels like you are running out of things to say. One phrase I kept hearing over and over was, card x "Online". It works sometimes but not all the time. "And a Crocasaur slams down on the board" or "a Reese surfaces" instead could have been better more descriptive commentary. Instead of saying "Dragonborn members" say "teammates" or "guildmates". The Dragonborn overuse has been called out by more than a few people on this thread.

4) I thought the casters seemed a bit subdued. I'm not saying I wanted to see Alu clamming around with a clam hat and screaming "HYPE!!!!". I thought that there could have been a bit more energy though. For instance, Alu was a lot more engaged when he was analyzing the second draft with the developer.

Suggestion: Maybe shuffle them around next time or mix it up. It almost felt as if swapping Dino and Alu may have been a good idea. Or adding Alu back to the panel for the play by play and move him down for interviews.

5) Interviews in the middle of the rounds seemed out of place while people were still playing. As a viewer you want to see more matches instead of an awkward interview for someone who is mentally drained.

Suggestion: More action. Let the players gather themselves before interviews and do them between rounds instead of during.

6) Caster suits. I agree that there needed to be a dress code but the black matching suits were overkill. Business casual, Hex Polos and slacks would have probably been just as good. The biggest problem I had was the contrast to the rest of the Hex crew on camera. The black suits made it feel like the casters were hosting an awards show instead of an eSports event.

That's about it. Excellent job overall and I look forward to future events!

03-12-2016, 05:02 PM
Suits were a good call, even though the lack of clam / dino hats is kind of a shame. The event definitely felt like a professional eSports event.

I'd like to call this out again. Why do you think that people who like to throw virtual wizards and spells against each other on a computer screen while sitting at home, probably in underpants, most possibly with some sort of unhealthy pastry/pizza in hand, should identify with perceived business environment professionalism?

When e-sports refers to card games which are based on lore and fantasy color must trump the wolf of wall street every time. Otherwise we'll end up brainwashed into being clones.

03-14-2016, 02:17 AM
I'd like to call this out again. Why do you think that people who like to throw virtual wizards and spells against each other on a computer screen while sitting at home, probably in underpants, most possibly with some sort of unhealthy pastry/pizza in hand, should identify with perceived business environment professionalism?

When e-sports refers to card games which are based on lore and fantasy color must trump the wolf of wall street every time. Otherwise we'll end up brainwashed into being clones.I disagree, the focus of the proceedings should be on the players, and if coverage is wearing outlandish clothes then they draw attention to themselves. I don't think it has anything to do with a perceived business environment. Suits are a standard for a reason - they look the part, and make the proceedings seem more professional and prestigious, while at the same time ensuring that they aren't the focus.

Personalized hats and clothing do a lot to give a streamer a personalized image and something closer to a brand that they can use to expand their audiences. In fact, a lot of streamers just starting out go to great lengths to present something different, and fancy headgear is often the most common approach someone takes. This works great for a personal stream, but this was HXE's first major tournament - it's for Hex as a whole, not individual players' brands.

03-14-2016, 10:19 AM
I disagree, the focus of the proceedings should be on the players, and if coverage is wearing outlandish clothes then they draw attention to themselves. I don't think it has anything to do with a perceived business environment. Suits are a standard for a reason - they look the part, and make the proceedings seem more professional and prestigious, while at the same time ensuring that they aren't the focus.

Well, I'm glad Cory was himself and not some sort of risk assessment manager or insurance broker.

03-14-2016, 12:05 PM
Cory wasn't dressed up as Princess Cory or anything, he was wearing completely professional attire. I'm not sure what your point is.

03-14-2016, 01:14 PM
I don't think the suits were necessary. I mean they apparently wanted to present a professional image and I think they accomplished that. I don't think if they were wearing Hex polos it would have taken much away from the presentation. If people were going to be wearing "funny" hats I probably would not have watched. Keep your gimmicks to your own channels. I mean it's certainly a direction they could have went, but I'll take uptight professional over dumb/goofy any day.

03-14-2016, 01:20 PM
I would disagree that Cory was wearing professional attire by traditional definitions for example here http://static3.businessinsider.com/image/5413361eecad04546a9d1189-538/original.jpg

03-14-2016, 01:54 PM
I would disagree that Cory was wearing professional attire by traditional definitions for example here http://static3.businessinsider.com/image/5413361eecad04546a9d1189-538/original.jpg

I don't see "professional" listed anywhere there.

03-14-2016, 02:44 PM
I don't see "professional" listed anywhere there.

Should be business attire.

03-14-2016, 02:57 PM
Tech billionare or local vagrant, who can tell these days?

03-14-2016, 03:18 PM
"If you want to be taken seriously, dress accordingly".

I might have been living in London too much time, but I'm glad the casters were wearing suits... This was not supposed to be your average Sunday tournament with Bob being the head judge and the cookies/soda seller, and Joe as a player and also in charge of cleaning the room.

This was supposed to be the first step of the game into Esport, so basically the only one allowed to wear non-professional stuff is the boss... And only because it's a West coast startup.

03-14-2016, 03:52 PM
At the risk of sounding too mean... my opinion is that the casters were over-dressed by a few levels, and it felt more like a uniform to me. As most everyone else in attendance (minus Chris Woods) were in very casual attire: t-shirts and jeans. The caster's shirts and jackets color were the same (or similar), I think it might have been better if they had more of their own personality show in the clothes they wear. This leads me to suspect that it is more of a controlled manufactured look for the casters, than something like professional individuals dressed appropriately for the occasional.

My opinion was that the casting ended up a bit bland, especially compared to what Alucard, Snake, and Dino are capable of on their own personal streams. Their personality didn't really show well, if anything a lot was done to downplay their personality.