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03-11-2016, 09:10 AM
Before giving proper feedback on the campaign I wanted to have a bit of experience with the content, so I've played all race and class combinations at least a little, beaten the campaign completely with seven characters, beaten every dungeon several times, gotten a play set of all the special cards(technically I bought 3 wormoid hydras mostly out of laziness), and acquired a play set of all the racial cards and adventure zone 1 cards and equipment, mostly just through opening packs that I gathered myself. This is obviously more than I needed to do for feedback, but I've had trouble stopping long enough to type up my opinions, which is probably a good thing.

As you can easily guess from the above, I love the new content as it's everything I've wanted in a digital TCG and a few other things as well. I love building my own decks and playing them, so having a bunch of different types of opponents to throw them against at any time that is convenient to me has been very fun.

Now with that positive stuffs out of the way, on to the nit picking:


Most of the quests are done well enough, but Gnomes Come Home is just not fun. It is kind of a puzzle initially, but after figuring out that I needed to build a custom deck rigged to kill a goldfish, it became more of a time consuming chore than a challenge.

The current "end game" of make a new character and play through the campaign again in order to get more of the AZ1 packs and racial cards is preferable over grinding a dungeon or something similar for them, but this same system would be terrible for adventure zone 2 as playing through all of AZ1 with a new character just to gain access to the new quests in order to get the more AZ2 packs would be fairly annoying. At this point I'd prefer something like an AZ2 pack dropping dungeon, or the ability to reset the zone's quests so I can play through them again with the same character. As a matter of fact, I'd vastly prefer the latter option.


I like that some dungeon nodes, like the barracks in Fort Romor, have a skip the fluff option that acknowledges that this may not be your first, or twentieth, time through a dungeon, but, unfortunately, this isn't the case everywhere. Most of the time it's just a matter of clicking through the wall of text, but in the Tranquil Dream where the last response you give matters, this can get a little bit tedious. An "I know this story" choice that skips you from the beginning to the decision part would be very welcomed.

For some reason it seems that you couldn't decide how you wanted to gate off parts of the map within the adventure zone and decided to try out spontaneous node creation, "come back later" nodes, and magic gates that need keys. The "come back later" nodes seemed a little bit too arbitrary and forgettable and the magic gates were just plain silly. I strongly suggest that you stick to node spawning as the primary way of unlocking new areas for players to explore and not bother with the other two methods.

The amount of encounters before Wiktor is way too much. Having to go through a minimum of five relatively easy fights just to throw three attempts or less at a fairly difficult boss is an annoying waste of my time and not an actual challenge. The six encounters feels like the appropriate length for all the other dungeons, but the other dungeons don't feature a final boss that can make you lose fairly easily via having an explosive opening hand and good luck turning your resources into toxins and a bucket of health that guarantees that this fight won't be quick.

Wiktor's actual difficulty is appropriate for now, but you may want to think about nerfing him when adventure zone 2 releases so that he's not seen as too hard an obstacle for newer players that want to move on with the game. This is assuming that you have to actually beat him to continue with the plot of course, if that's not the case than he's about as difficult as a dungeon boss should get.


Clerics I find to be the most disappointing of the three classes, mainly do to their charge power being kind of lack luster. Mind you I don't think clerics are under powered at all and they have some nice talents, even if I have to question how some of them are priced(why is blessing of the immortals 2 talent points?), but their central starting feature is just plain bad to begin with and never really gets good even if you focus your talents around it.

Warrior is fun in a fairly visceral way for me and I do love how, unlike cleric, the racial class talents can modify how you play your warrior a little bit.

Mage is also a very fun class to run, but I almost feel like it should be locked to new players due to it's aggressively low life total and higher skill level. I love how all the races get a different spell that changes your play style with the class significantly, but I have issues with the necrotic and coyotle spells. The necrotic spell(6: Put the top card of each opposing champion's deck into your hand) is only really good if you are running a five shard deck, and even then can often peel uncastable cards that require 2+ thresholds. The coyotle spell(7: deal between 0 and 3 damage to each non-coyotle, non-elemental troop) starts to traverse into the category of being too random even for pve, especially for the steep price it charges. But neither of these complaints is my real problem with these spells. My real issue is that both of them feel like they restrict deck building options quite a bit if you want to use one of your central class features. A necrotic mage who isn't running a five shard deck is missing out on half his spells, as is the coyotle mage who isn't running a coyotle deck or a (probably terrible) elemental deck.


Racial balance is very hard to comment on with only one third the levels currently in the game, so I won't even attempt to try, though I do feel the class talents should probably be more well balanced between each of the races. Necrotic warrior, for example, seems to have a much worse class combo talent than every other races warrior talents(or non-warrior talents for that matter.).

The biggest gripe I have with the current races is the card restrictions on the necrotic at level 8 feels overly harsh in comparison to the other classes, even if they do have access to a bigger variety of shards than everyone else.

Campaign Starter Decks

I know it wasn't your intention to build decks rigged to cause annoying threshold issues, but I've played enough games with them to be more than a little annoyed with their poor construction, even by the restrictions you had to give yourselves due to them being starters. As someone who's built lots of decks I can tell you that double threshold cards should be used sparingly in any dual shard deck and should be kept to the higher cost cards(5+) where you're less likely to run into issues having two of the same threshold. Also, the general non-racial filler cards like the buffaloes, elementals, and that stupid zombie vulture feel like they detract from the racial theme a little bit too much, though to fill in with racial equivalents you may well have had to make some PVE cards so I can understand why they're there; except for the zombie vulture, screw that guy.


Another thing that would help the starters, new pve players, and everyone who likes building multishard decks in general would be more multishard resources to help fix threshold screw. I would especially like to see prismatic shards added to all the starters as a special pve only land. I would be more than a bit upset, however, if you ever made rare or legendary pvp general multishard resources akin to magic's dual lands. I feel that this puts too big a price tag behind the most basic of deck construction tools and can lead to a larger barrier of entry for people who want to construct decks. The racial allegiance ones are kind of pushing it a little, but they're fairly deck specific so I'll give them a pass.

Pve cards and equipment are lacking any real indicators as to where they come from and I'd very much like it if they could tell me out of what pack they drop or from what event they came from so I don't have to hunt down third party information just to find out where I can get a card from.


This has gone fairly long already and I'll probably think of three or four other things I wanted to say after post this, so I'm just going to end this now by saying thank you for your work so far on the campaign and I hope to see more of it in the future.

03-12-2016, 12:22 AM
I would be more than a bit upset, however, if you ever made rare or legendary pvp general multishard resources akin to magic's dual lands.

You do realize that those already exist, right? There are Uncommon dual shard Resources, plus a Rare any shard Resource. Oh, and the race specific 2+ shard resources, which are also rares.

03-12-2016, 09:03 AM
You do realize that those already exist, right? There are Uncommon dual shard Resources, plus a Rare any shard Resource. Oh, and the race specific 2+ shard resources, which are also rares.

There are no general rare or legendary multishard resources. There are no rare or legendary resources that can produce multiple thresholds that don't also require you to be building your deck a fairly specific way, which is why I mention later that I give the allegiance resources a pass. The only rare any shard resource is Sepulchra Crypt Dust, which requires necrotic allegiance, and is not very good at the moment.

What I'm talking about is something like a set of shards like the uncommon ones we have currently, but probably with a different drawback, like life loss instead of a depleted resource, being made into rares in a set. This is how Magic does their better multi color resources, and it has always rubbed me the wrong way when I go to assemble a deck and realize that I will need to drop a good amount of money on the land just to make my idea function. Magic at least has the advantage of being able to proxy a deck in order to test it against friends until you have something solid that you want to throw money behind. This is impossible in Hex, so rare shards would act as a significant financial barrier to even testing a deck idea.

I'm perfectly fine with our current general multishard resources being the uncommon shard of ______s and the common shard of fate because the monetary barrier for those is so low that you could easily grind gold for them for all it matters. If they were all rare they would probably be around 300 plat each or more, meaning a deck builder would have to spend 3300(11*300) plat just to make sure you have a firm resource base for any idea you want to test.

03-16-2016, 12:42 PM
Great review, thanks.