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03-19-2016, 09:36 PM
I am sure no GM will ever look at this thread.
It still a nice outlet for some players with ideas for some possible card designs and game mechanic changes.

I like to start off with a game mechanic change suggestion.
That card cards like Soul Armaments, Bucktooth Roshi, and Air Superiority should be identified as Aura Effects.
Soul Armaments: Aura (Troop)
Bucktooth Roshi Aura (Shin'Hare)
Air Superiority Aura (Flight)
With this mechanic change future cards could be made to target these specific kinds of cards.
Further more this can be expanded to encompass other areas as aura sources.
Crypt Aura are Aura effects that work only from the grave.
Deck Aura are Aura effects that work while the card is in ones deck.
Hand Aura are Aura effects that work while the card is in hand.

Now I have two Shin'hare cards I designed and like to share.

Name: Honored Elder
Rarity: Uncommon
Type: Shin'hare Sensei
Cost: 3WB
Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Ability: Crypt Aura (Shin'hare): Shin'hare in play get +1/+1 while this is in the crypt.
Picture would be of an extremely old Shin'hare.

Name: Hiyoku
Rarity: Rare
Type: Shin'hare Concubunny Unique
Cost: 2WB
Attack: 2
Defense: 2
Ability: Tap: Create one Battle Hopper for each Hiyoku in play and in the crypt and put them into play.

03-20-2016, 12:20 AM
There have been plenty of these threads before. Now on to the cards.

PvP cards cannot be changed. Well, technically they can, of course. But Cory and HexEnt have repeatedly promised this will never happen. PvE might, but never PvP. Hence banning Titannia's Majesty instead of changing it.

The first one is oddly unbalanced. It is fairly weak for its cost to play, but you can just dump it for its more useful power in the grave.

Also, it is the Crypt, not the grave.


Here is a keyword idea I have been mulling around for a couple weeks now.

Student: X - [card] At the end of your turn if this card is in your hand or deck, add a study counter to it. At the start of your turn, if the number of study counters is greater than or equal to X, this transforms into [card].

The idea being cards that get stronger after a certain period of time, so they are useful in multiple phases of the game. But only if you have not used them (or sent them back to resume learning, or have another card that increases their study counters while they are in play). Also some equips might only effect the advanced forms, or might effect them differently.

for example:
Armor Trainer - (1) :diamond::sapphire:
TROOP - Human Warrior - Rare
Student: 2 - [Evasion Trainer]
Inspire: +1 DEF.

Armor will help you to survive a hit, but it is better to not get hit in the first place.

Evasion Trainer (3) :diamond::sapphire:
TROOP - Human Warrior - Rare
Student: 2 - [Eloran Mastick]
Inspire: +X DEF, where X is this Troop's DEF.

If you pass my test and are still not satisfied, I will introduce you to my master.

Eloran Mastick (5) :diamond::sapphire:
TROOP - Human Warrior - Unique Rare
Steadfast, Spellshield
Inspire: Spellshield and +X DEF, where X is this Troop's DEF.

Let no Necrotic nor Vennen nor Goblin touch a single hair on your head.

Feinting Necklace Trinket - Rare
Your [Armor Trainers], [Evasion Trainers], and [Eloran Masticks] gain: Human Allegiance: Inspire: +1 ATK.

Silversilk Tabard Armor - Rare
Your [Evasion Trainers] and [Eloran Masticks] gain: When you play a Troop with a cost less than this Troop's cost, this Troop gets cost -1.

Cerulean Press (3)
Artifact - Uncommon
(1) Exhaust -> Target Troop you control or in your Hand with Student gains 1 study counter.

Typesetter's Gloves Hands - Common
Your [Cerulean Presses] instead have: (1) Exhaust -> Target Troop you control or in your Hand with Student gains 1 study counter. Up to one other, random Troop with the same name in any of your zones also gains 1 study counter.

03-22-2016, 10:37 AM
Here is one I thought would be funny.

Name: Wicked Bunny
Rarity: Legendary
Type: Shin'hare Warlock Unique
Cost: 4WB
Attack: 2
Defense: 4
Ability: Aura (Shin'hare/Cost 1): Shin'hare in play with cost 1 or less gain flight.
Picture would be a green fur bunny with a black witches outfit standing over a bubbling cauldron with bookcases and a broom in the back ground.

03-25-2016, 11:04 PM
Here is a Shin'hare I thought might be fun.

Name: Kunoichi Raider
Rarity: Rare
Type: Shin'hare Rogue
Cost: 3BB
Attack: 2
Defense: 2
When 1 other Shin'hare is in play gain Speed.
When 4 other Shin'hare are in play gain Swift Strike.
When 9 other Shin'hare are in play gain Rage 1.