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03-22-2016, 10:03 AM
First of all, i'm french so sorry for my bad writting.

I'm a backer of the Hex kickstarter, i always followed the game closely but the feature i waited the most was the PvE campaign.
So in the early beta days, i logged in when a new set was release or some big feature (arena for example), played some games and then quit because i was waiting for the campaign. I even try some draft but i'm way to bad for this and i think i lost all the time.

Now the campaign is here, and it's a lot of fun. I won't make a list of all the good points in the game 'cause it will take me too long. I'll try to do the opposite and point what are the little problems, why it bugs me, and how can it be fixed (for me).

- Add card manager icon somewhere. It's one of the most important thing in the game, and it's not directly accessible. So the first time i didn't noticed it and searched it during a few minutes.
- Add chest / booster opener icon somewhere. Same as the card manager, this should be in front page, not in a sub menu.

- Multiple decks for the same character. Maybe my most wanted thing on the list, changing all the cards from one PvE encounter to another is very boring, please let us save multiple decks for the same character so we can simply switch them.
- Gain a little amount of XP / Gold if you lose a fight (no concede). Not much, but a small amount just to gain something and have a little reward for those 10 lost in a row against those damn piranhas.
- More informations before the fight with bonus / malus from the terrain.
- Add a hard mode, with only a boost of HP and maybe some better cards for the oppponents. This won't cost that much of time and add a lot of replay value. Plus it pushes the PvE player to buy more good cards.
- Explain more the color of the location points, why some are blue other yellow, etc.

- Some cards needs some effect when they arrived on the field. The prophesied effect is cool, we need more of those kinds. Maybe a different effect if it's a troop, a constant or a spell ? Legendaries should have some sound and effect too. (give the possibility to desactivate them too).

Card Manager
- Show somewhere the information about the set and rarity, something like a list of all set icons, and all rarity colors. Because when you're a new player, you don't know what is what and it's a bit confusing.

Auction House
- Better information about the sorting, now you can't know if you're sorting by buyout, bet, ascending or descending.
- Add something like a favorite system, with the card you wanna check regularly.
- More informations about the market when you sell a card, something like a chart or average price from the previous 30 days.

- Explain a bit more what spining does, why spin, clearly indicates what are the rewards with some icons for example, etc.
- Put a better feedback after spining to show what combination you get.

Overall UI / Technic
- Lots of drop down take a bit too long to show (filters in card manager for example), and it feels off.
- The reward popup up should be more "rewarding", now it's just a standard container. Give it some colors, effects and stuff so you're happy to get something.

VIP Program
- Giving boosters every week is good, but as a PvE player the VIP program is not really interesting, maybe you should add some specifics things for PvE players, like giving alternate arts for PvE cards, specific PvE boosters with guaranted rare PvE cards, ...

- Make the AI less dumb, specificly stop giving boosts to opponent card, or debuff on his cards.

New features
- Set visualizer : Browse all the cards from a specific set.
- Achievement system : Not the double back, an achievement system linked to the account.

Thanks for reading me !

03-30-2016, 10:00 AM
Great feedback. I agree with most of it.