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03-25-2016, 10:02 PM
I am suggesting that there be games where the coin flip always lands heads, or tails, in certain scenarios. Specifically, my attention is drawn to the Piranha and Army of Myth encounters. In these types of fights, two criteria are met: First, they are open-world encounters, so a 'smart' player can concede and re-try any number of times until they win the coin toss. Second, both encounters make significantly strong plays beginning from their very first turn, making the fight much harder when they win the toss than when they lose the toss.

I don't think that having such a wide discrepancy is beneficial to the game developers, because the fight can vary widely in challenge, instead of being consistently nearer to the desired level. My suggestion is that the game add the ability to manipulate or pre-determine the coin toss such that a player will always go first or last. This way, they can predict the playing ability of a deck or challenge more consistently.

This also gives them an environmental tool to add to the flavor of some dungeons or scenarios, as well as give some smaller tweaks to in-game consequences on the adventure screen, out of combat. They've already given this ability to the warriors, as well, in their bonus health but never going first.

In summary, give piranhas and army of myth fights the 'First Strike' quality that lets you always go first (since many players will just concede to get this outcome at little/no cost to them, especially factoring in the higher probability of losing the game), and create the 'Ambush' quality with the opposite effect.

P.S. Or, if they prefer the balance of the piranhas to be harder, give the piranhas Ambush. Either way it cuts out the undesirable behavior of conceding fights where the difference is substantial.

03-28-2016, 08:25 AM
I like the suggestion and it really makes sense for the open world encounters.
Especially AoM6 feels a lot like bashing your head against a wall until it finally breaks so I prefer to only start the bashing if I see a chance of actually winning it. This basically means that I will concede if I don't go first, than look at my starting hand, mulligan twice if I don't get my win con and then concede if I still didn't find it.
I honestly think that's going to be a little problematic down the road no matter how they handle it but the First Strike / Ambush solution is a good start, cutting those 50% not going first concedes.

03-28-2016, 12:49 PM
I've mentioned similar in my own threads, but +1 for fewer coin flips in PvE, via whatever mechanic.

I don't think they should pendulum swing and, say, make so that if you face AoM6 you always go first and always mull into 7 cards -- nor do I think that the knowledge of who is going first should be a priori in every match -- but some incremental steps towards a bit more predictability and consistently would help.

03-28-2016, 12:52 PM
Rather than 'always going first in First Strike' it could easily be 'always win coin flip.' I meant to refer to it like that in the original post, but the benefiting player should still get the choice.

03-29-2016, 01:32 PM
The Warrior trait makes me think that the coin-flip will have more significance in traits as we see them develop. If Encounter's were treated uniquely, each node could offer a difficulty check.

There may be some unique Encounters where you can never go first regardless, like a high tier future RAID or Dungeon Boss.
There may be many unique Encounters where the first try is a 50% chance, and the second is a 100% chance to win the coin-flip.
There may be some unique Encounters where you can not go first the first try, but have a 50% chance the second try, and a 100% chance the third try - So on.

Lot's of ways they can spin it, but if an element of it is already built into traits, we may see a little less QOL wiggle room here.