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03-30-2016, 02:03 AM
So thanks Hex for letting me spoil an Elven Warlock. I thought I'd give details on what I think you guys are aiming for with Elf Warlocks so you guys can make more in future.

Lore Wise

Lore wise Elf Warlocks seem to be of two factions Rotwood Swamp and Briarpatch Swamp. Rotwood focuses on using plants as weapons and mutating their bodies to freakish levels. Brairpatch seems to focus on creating various plant monsters to wreak havoc and are 'plant themed necromancers'. Also it seems heavily implied elven warlocks are recluses and outcasts of Elf society possibly bordering on exiles due to sheer craziness. Also it seems possible that they might warp plant themed Wild magic to the point of bordering on Blood Wild fusion of plant life. (Decaying matter hints dead animals and plants to me) Also they all seem to be incredibly 'evil' looking (They all got evil rip your heart out for boring them look on their faces. Enchanter sounds like he's hellbent on protecting his forest he created a wall of animated thorns. Elves defend themselves with plants and animals but Elf Warlocks seem to be plant exclusive and possibly isolationists to the extremes) Conjurer is creating a Legion and Thorntwister looks like a pure outright sadist. Also if Thorntwister's 'twister' is part of her then Elf Warlocks differ vastly from Clerics and mutate with plants stead of embrace animal qualities so.. Poison Ivy eat yer heart out.


The four cards released for Warlocks are Briarpatch Conjurer, Briarpatch, Briarpatch Legion, Rotwood Enchanter and my spoil Thorntwister. They all seem to be of two factions and this could be made for specific builds.

Briarpatch: Would focus on counters and summoning various armies of plants they have weak stats but insane effects. So for balancing they should have defensive plants to protect them due to being easy to kill. (Conjurer has exactly 1/2 that can be killed by a lot of cards even before she becomes annoying) The elves are supbar for battle but they can beat the crap out of you with an army of evil plants straight out of Feywilds.

Rotwood: Thorntwister and Rotwood Enchanter strike me as part of same swamp. They seem to focus on defending anything that gets in their way. Rotwood is a badass for defending but not much else(as far as my intelligence gives it) unless ya buff him. Thorntwister is also similair though she seems to imply a constant healing factor for her to work.


Both 'factions' should focus on plants either through outright effecting them or through their artwork being emulated on the card effects such as Rot and Thorn who seem to have 'artwork' based effects. (Some cards I see as being heavily implied to be built name and effect around artwork but that's just me)

Also an idea to consider is EXCLUSIVE to Elf Warlocks (As is no card but elf warlocks in elf race) is Blood Wild thresholds. It seems based off artwork that Blood magic might be looming over these warlocks heads, an addiction that's stalking them and risking them to diving into pure manure crazy plant mutation psycho madness. And have power consume them and use twisted plant and gore themed magic (like making a skeleton dear animated via vines) these Blood degenerates would be the most 'evil' of all elves and be 'well meaning but gone terrorist' kinda guys their intentions are good but they've gone completely off deepend.

Mechanics wise these renegades would have common Blood effects but Wild stats. They would also have power to bring back their plants or make abominations (Unlike the spoiled plant abominations no matter how nutso an elf descends I doubt they'd go that far but they might make abominations from animal corpses)

I just really feel Elf Warlocks should have at least a few "Gone insane" cards just because Elves are Ardent doesn't mean they can't have a few nightshades in the mix cuz the artwork from all Elf Warlocks hint they border on being homicidal nutcases who want elves and nature to be left standing.