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04-03-2016, 08:42 PM
Hi guys,
It is me one more time. I have a basic question regarding the way you play the cards with time travel legend/label.

Here is a situation:

The players buy cards from the line-Up with time travel. Once the cards get shuffle and deal one more time, those cards cannot be played as time travel, can they?

The way I'm playing with my son is that when you play a time travel from your hand the card description get applied not the time travel possibility, is that correct?

An example, I play Time Sphere "from my hand" , I just apply +2 power and execute the following, Put each card in the line-Up on the bottom of the main deck, and then replace them. That is about it. I don't discard a card to use Time Sphere as Time Travel. Is that accurate or it is not?
With my son we only discard a card to activate time travel ONLY from the cards lying on the line-Up or from the Super Villain. Is that right?

The question is because a friend of use playing a game of three suggested that only the +2 power get used but not the description of the actions. He also point out that another interpretation is time travel is only valid when cards are in the line-Up and then when you buy them and play them from your hand are only good to discard as a time travel payment from another time travel card from the line-UP or Villain.

Please, help with this basic confusion.

Thank you,

04-03-2016, 08:58 PM
The idea behind Time Travel is that you can use the card from the Line-Up without actually buying it. You're essentially "borrowing" the card from a potential future where you own it, which is actually a really cool way to use the Legion theme.

So once the card's bought, it functions like any other card you own. No need to pay into it to trigger it anymore, because you already paid the power to buy it. The only difference between it and any other card in your deck is that it counts as a Time Travel card for the purposes of things like Phantom Girl.

04-03-2016, 09:44 PM
If a card has Time Travel, that means that cards ability can be used from the line-up or supervillain stack by discarding a card from your hand. Once you purchase a card with time travel, it is no longer "time traveled" and you gain all of it's abilities when you play it. That time travel designation will serve no more purpose aside from other cards such as Electricity that lets you draw a card for each time travel card you have played.

You are correct that you only discard a card to activate Time Travel cards in the line up. That is also why oversize Heroes let you give cards in the line up time travel, not your hand, discard pile, etc.

Your friend is incorrect. If you look at some of the Supervillains, such as Validus, they have Time Travel attacks that you can use when they are on the stack, but under them they have "If you own this card...." and is further text to apply to the Attack text above it. So once you have purchased that supervillain you still get to use the attack, that you could previously time travel from the stack, and the additional text. Otherwise, that "If you own this...." text couldn't be used.

04-04-2016, 06:04 AM
Thank you!
You guys rock!