View Full Version : [Question/Feedback] Why show the first X listing upon immediately entering the AH?

04-08-2016, 06:23 PM
This addition to the latest patch seems a bit weird to me.

What use does it serve? Why only show the first X cards that have just been posted? Why not fill the whole first page?

From a new player point of view (and, admittedly you'd have to be a bit dumb to think this), one could perceive someone clicking on the AH button and being presented with just 5 cards listed.
Their thoughts may then be:

"Well, no point looking in the auction house because there's only 5 cards listed. I guess this game doesn't have many players selling cards." *leaves the AH to never return*

That's obviously an extreme example, but it's a possibility.

I think just set it so automatically do a normal full search upon entering, otherwise there doesn't seem any point in just showing the most recent X listed cards.

04-08-2016, 09:19 PM
This is an anti-QoL update for me. It used to be that you could pick your bid/buy sorting before searching and it would click through instantly. Now you can't do that because it has to waste time resorting everything each time you click the bid/buy header. Ugh.

Please make Ascending By Buyout the default sorting option! (We've asked for this so many times.) And also fix that particular sort so that "N/A" is not treated as "zero" buyout; it's more like infinity (there's no amount high enough to actually get that N/A to turn into a buyable number).