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04-10-2016, 05:43 PM
Hi,I'm less than a week new on HEX so please excuse my lack of knowledge.
I'd like to know if it's ok to do clan logos (digital art ,calligraphy) and customized fantasy portrait (digital painting) for HEX players,in exchange ingame platinum or gold.
Here's an example: http://pre12.deviantart.net/91b5/th/pre/i/2013/287/a/5/archamon_logo__by_amurgaprins-d6qguwi.jpg

Thanks,have a great week!:)

04-10-2016, 06:03 PM
Uh I'm not sure if that's legal to be honest.

04-10-2016, 06:07 PM
That's why I'm asking,I'm in doubt.If anyone can point out something in rules related to this I'd appreciate it.

04-10-2016, 09:00 PM
I think it is ok, but if you scam them or they scam you then nothing will be done about it.

04-10-2016, 09:22 PM
I think it is ok, but if you scam them or they scam you then nothing will be done about it.

This is also my gut feeling.

OP, your example portrait art is stunning by the way. Really like the detail. Very much feels like manuscript illumination :)

04-10-2016, 09:47 PM
I have no interest in scamming people.I'm an old school gamer with a deep interest in game art and music, and also a newbie in HEX.I wish I knew about this game when it was in closed beta.Just looking for a way to get ingame currency faster (i'm on a low budget) and catch up with players.Of course having the cards is never good enough to make a good player.

04-10-2016, 09:53 PM
Thank you :) I do my best but still have an awful lot to learn.For me it's a very fortunate thing that a TCG with great mechanics also has stunning card art.HEX is double plus good.
The logo is for a Steam greenlight game that is under production.I also did the GUI for it.

You're spot on about the resemblance to manuscript illumination.I've studied the Limbourg brothers illustrations and other similar stuff from the era,just to get an idea about castle life and culture.

04-11-2016, 04:15 AM
I would say no because you are asking payment in a currency that you are not allowed to putt value on. Cards and packs yes platinum no basically.

04-11-2016, 04:38 AM
Honestly i doubt this is something that really would be super strictly enforced even if it is against ToS which i really dont think it is. In many ways you can look at donations to streamers in the same way as they are oftentimes getting donations to provide entertainment which is a service just the same as contract artwork is. Hell many times the guys at hex supply them with codes to give away.

If your really worried about it im sure someone will get in contact with you here but to really make sure and cover the bases you could always contact a NOBLE who will probably know the answer or direct you to who does.

04-11-2016, 06:32 AM
There's technically nothing wrong with this. People do art commissions and other stuff all the time on other sites. That being said, unless this is specific to HEX, it's not really appropriate in these forums - even moreso when it's a paid service. Advertising is frowned upon on the forums.

Might I suggest you offer your services somewhere else... perhaps the HEXTCG reddit? :stormcloud: