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05-22-2016, 08:10 PM
Mon-el states "Defense: You May reveal this card from your hand to avoid an attack. If you do, gain a time travel card from the line up."

Telepathy states "Time Travel If this is the first card you play this turn, discard your hand and choose a foe. Play that foe's hand this turn, and return each card played this way to that foes hand when our leaves play."

Cosmic king states "Time Travel If this it's the first card you play this turn, draw cards until your hand had five cards in it."

Star girl (superhero) states "when you play a defense cars during your turn our avoid an attack, you may draw a card and then discard a card."

Mon-el: if I were to play as defense do I discard it or do I keep it in my hand?

Cosmic king and telepathy: if I were to discard to use time travel first thing in my turn do I get the "if this is the first card you played effect or is discarding cards the first card you played?

Stargirl: if you were to play multiple defense cards during your turn so I get effect each time?

Thank you for reading we appreciate it!

05-23-2016, 07:44 AM
Mon-el: Since his text says "reveal" you keep him in your hand and resolve his Defense text.

Cosmic King and Telepathy: The discard does not count as playing a card so whichever Time Travel card you play is the first card you have played. Make note: some of the Oversized Heroes look at "the first card you play from your hand" which means you can sometimes play Time Travel cards from the Line-Up or Super-Stack and then still get a benefit from whichever card you play from your hand first. This is sometimes overlooked and can be great for playing some interesting turns.

Stargirl: If you play multiple Defense cards during your turn you do get the benefit of drawing and discarding for each one. Same if you defend multiple times on one or multiple foes turns.