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06-17-2016, 10:16 AM
I wanted to add the missing characters from SF2 into the game, I didn't want to make them outrageous, and tried to fill in what was missing from the current roaster of effects. They aren't that powerful, namely because there is about half the amount of equipment compared to other types of cards for example, but I thought it would be nice to fill the missing pieces.

I also added two bonus stages to extend game time, Jamaica could be placed between stage 3-6, and Mexico would be placed before or after Stage 7. These would trigger more often then the base set of stages, but because of the random nature of them, shouldn't have a huge impact besides shortening the Main Deck faster.


Dee Jay's counter attack is probably the most out of place effect overall. I wanted some way of punishing people who had USA or we're building a big personal shop with Red Cyclone or other cards. It's a okay effect, won't stop you from beating a stage or anything.


This is one of the "fill the gap" cards, Ken, Chun-Li, & Vega already worked off the other types of cards, while Equipment had nothing to represent it. It is far weaker then their versions, due the to amount of Equipment cards, I was debating of making a equipment card based on Dee Jay's maracas, but I felt that would be pushing it too far.


Another "fill the gap", this time matching up with Dhalsim, M. Bison, and Sagat.


I paired this off of Balrog's Ultra, but made it discard instead of gain weaknesses. Defense cards are harder to come by, and in this version you would want possibly hold on to them when playing a attack or ultra card in case you get counter attacked. So I made it a better Risk vs Reward.


I originally wanted to base this off of SF2 bonus stages like beating up the car, or breaking barrels, but the HD remix did not include those stages, and would make it too jarring to use the older version of the game.


I made even cost the more expensive version because it's able to hit more often (2,4,6,8), and able to get the most expensive cards in SF's main deck.

06-23-2016, 07:11 PM
Not a bad job on the cards. Dee Jay's counter attack actually makes sense. I have played games where somebody put a card under their hero just so nobody else gets it.

I might have made Dee Jay's musical instruments as an equipment card. Actually, its strange to me that Vega wasn't equipment based. Seeing as how he's the only fighter that really is noticeable for his weapon and mask. But that's a discussion for another time.

I'd love to see at least an expansion for Street Fighter DBG. I think there's enough for a second set.