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07-27-2016, 11:14 AM
Hello everyone!

As a big fan of Cryptozoic's deckbuilding game, I took on the task on designing my own. Using the flavor of Dragon Ball Z seemed like a no-brainer, so about a month ago I took on the project. About a week ago I released it to the public Tabletop Simulator workshop, and I thought I would share this with those who might be interested!

The main new mechanic is a new resource called Power Level. As you gain this resource, you will gain more powerful abilities, or you can use this power level to 'empower' your attacks and make them much stronger. This makes for an interesting resource management style game.

Sampler Imgur album: Sampler of cards (http://imgur.com/a/RM5pz)

In the Dragon Ball Z Deckbuilding Game: Frieza Saga, you take on the role of Goku,
Vegeta, or as one of their allies or enemies in the struggle for the iconic Dragon Balls!

In Dragon Ball Z, the name of the game is powering up your fighter and blasting your foes with all your might! With new mechanics that allow you to increase your power level, will you use this new resource to gain new and more powerful abilities? Or will you spend it to devastate your opponents with boosted attacks? The choice is yours with new strategies never before seen in a deckbuilding game. Who will come out on top in the end?

Unique Features include:

Evolving Fighters. As you gain Power Level, your fighters will grow stronger and reach new forms, learning new abilities and opening up new strategies.

A 'kicker' mechanic. Use this new Power Level to also give your attacks and utility cards an extra boost to devastate your foes.

A main deck filled with more varied card types, keeping the experience more personal and flavorful. (Not half the deck or more being Heroes and Villians)

Unique strategies previously unexplored. Such as sacrificing and reviving allies from out of play, beneficial weakness cards/fighters, or deck manipulation combos!

Workshop Link (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=725689880)