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08-25-2016, 06:43 AM
Hello everyone,

We are organizing a Batman Day Celebration at the Enchanted Grounds in Highlands Ranch (8800 S Colorado Blvd, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126) where we will be demoing a number of different Batman-themed games (including Batman Fluxx and Love Letter Batman) and providing some promotions and prizes on a number of Batman related games and comics. The event will run from 10 AM to 2 PM on Saturday, September 17th. It will be a fun event and a great opportunity for players to come out and show their Batman pride.

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Yk2_bnZcjdJF2nmnbu2vflrTWyBmzlPerw9JxQUBFeNpYYVYYq q_eY7TgBFuQUkSqUZiJv-JPS3ORksfw-D9NQQBJ5MvJD0K0TKwceFmpgZbjR0RI2dqapOmMDS9X1WK19Qh i7nAgpesSpdjon1FsXjeQi2u_tlA8UMWVcgWgosw7ARoyU8ag6 XNNF9JxmDOu8KdBN4z2xmTszbGf-yAFP8RoL0gKNCwCd1ob2NvcKiUznIzcX4nLp-60AqNCEiXOVgax7qM2C0ZLH7V2QIALUrTatvHBYyf4oXbdchHS sAYUgwG0t4dFaKgC_EevSHjDrgGxjjF6nqIY9zmWT09NKt5mYU CwC281eZOvO-Fn8pbaM169JXPgLjMTEwUo5YlNO5NhgHbdPHcQg_w91NRdmfy2 qroCCon9Bov0kO4RGdhJb3mYfD5LlBrvRAiRMr0Be_orOrz_W4 WcWtVSuAuZVw338sn6cxEraNEYSz0rqZF-V1CaanoKkNLXSaAmeoIZ8ePpDrFTxNqogGwFtK3qNjuX7QUevt KUlxcvC-5TiMMG6cOMaW7k8eAFomT-gynqDRcr08nps84Z3gGU99Qd34e4VIUZkeoZCpHLLyOjrou8KK u=w790-h610-no

New this year, we are also hosting a Batman-themed Team Tournament starting at 10 am as well. The tournament will consist of 3 rounds of play using the Team Rules Variant found in the Base Set rulebook. Each pod of 4 players will be randomly divided into two teams at the start of each round to determine who will play as the Heroes and who will play as the Villains. A first player will be randomly decided, then each player will ban clockwise from the opposing teams character pool then pick counter-clockwise from their teams remaining character pool. A random main set will be used each round with the addition of select Batman Universe themed cards from the expansions sets. Tournament Points will be awarded based on Team VP and bought Super-Villains each round and the player with the highest cumulative Points after 3 rounds will receive a special Batman prize. More information on the tournament specific setup can be found after the flyer. If you have any questions feel free to respond to this post or message me.

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/2UeCwZ8gzggW4T9-c5shR14dET4L-2U8O_GKcKsiypNZYSYQ3_QbC7bOSWIxL7oXz1kkImjEqMmJ9TK 61iplY0rpcCECZqAnU67mvRCvjl9OQdmN9BmwqhwUAGt10RDPf d1NVP96ps-HDGZ4AUnqhZI4HHYSZe2DY8zBQ47KNxJGHOjCONvliFj-FkwHD6VnOOGvlsEA1MhyFfYMK47h9ImEJfk1SjC9cGLaTuHTwa sO0lbGpLfx5HM5TSSkMCBkCOotCdonqP66-iKRG_KuTGGHuoH4HbIGcfEphjJUjtMA3R8vibhkYGtn0p2kSQy bEQYYswSfxZ2lyfBcZRow3VL0P1nOYkjhH2blSJ70M0swqwjJo ZlHuRi2cuhyDujn6NmNmIEkPbNXPMYNSSdbhP2apmxM27CkcMy GMXX-ieT9JxJZ-vdgHIFR9IDQDGt-x9bUOniFL5H3HWbmEUvoC1luM-rSUxME84gpO7thlJYIxMBJVwolLWabZBLVFY0Pz0-9pwLuhKP-U399JxyqO4MjjVPRSsYAbG1ogO5CqKdoymtQqiWAC8FMoy1NYo u_dQNJD_mlKwkLfu-tKwniSuVZ8mTqdRxbUjw_WIiGNSJyevfM=w448-h581-no

Available Over-sized Super-Heroes:
Batman (Base Set)
Nightwing (Heroes Unite)
Batgirl (Heroes Unite)
Robin (Crisis 1)
Red Robin (Teen Titans)

Available Over-sized Super-Villains:
Joker (Promo)
Harley Quinn (Forever Evil)
Bane (Forever Evil)
Poison Ivy (Crisis 3)
Deadshot (Crisis 3)

Cards added into Main Deck each round:
- Vicky Vale
- Alfred Pennyworth
- Batwoman
- Oracle
- Huntress
- Robin
- Nightwing
- Red Robin
- The Penguin
- Victor Zsasz
- The Rddler
- Two-Face
- Clayface
- Mr. Freeze
- Bane
- Hugo Strange
- Batmobile (2)
- Batarang (2)
- Laughing Gas (2)
- Insanity (2)
- Homicidal Maniac (2)
- World's Greatest Detective (2)
- Wayne Manor
- Arkham Asylum
- (Other cards not included due to Confrontation mechanic)
Crisis 1
- Bo Staff (2)
Crisis 2
- Escrima Sticks (2)
- (Did not include Skull of Batman or Black Lantern Batman due to heavier Green Lantern theme)
Crisis 3
- Sniper Riffle
- Chlorolinesis
- (Did not include Black Mask, Joker's Daughter or Nanda Parbat due to VP token limitations outside Forever Evil)
- Gotham City Docks

08-30-2016, 09:26 AM
And just in case everyone hasn't seen it yet, Crypto has posted their Batman Day Giveaway! Info below and link for contest page.

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09-11-2016, 12:09 PM
Just under a week until Batman Day! Stay tuned as we announce our prizes for the event throughout the week.

09-14-2016, 03:26 PM
First round of prizes for the event: a DVD copy of the recently released Batman: The Killing Joke Animated Feature along with 2 numbered art prints from the films release. You're sure to get a kick out of these!