View Full Version : Black Lightning actually useful once

12-14-2016, 11:17 AM
We played a game last night with Forever Evil base set and some of the more interesting cards from the other base sets, crisis, and crossovers. We also played with two bad super heroes each. I was Cheetah and Black Lightning (and of course X cannot be 0 so no weakness loop). I was able to use Black Lightning to put Word of Power into my hand and destroy it with a Soultaker Sword, which let me buy the super villain.

I still got destroyed the whole game, but that was a fun moment. Funny how that's one of few, very rare circumstances that BL could be useful. Typically WoP could be destroyed in the discard pile with any of several cards in FE, or in hand anyway with other destroy cards. I specifically had to get it into my hand for Soultaker Sword.

Anyone else ever get any use out of Black Lightning? I imagine his best use is getting Whirlwind or Batmobile out of your discard pile to get a new hand at the start of your turn. If you're drawing enough cards consistently to actually put him to use, you're probably winning handily anyway. Maybe you should be able to get a card with cost 1 more than the number of cards discarded?

12-14-2016, 10:55 PM
Talon, Manhunter, Ocean Master, Jervis + Mind Control Hat, Hawkgirl, Arsenal, Pandora's Box + Pandora or Copperhead, Zoo Keeper, looping Black Lantern Green Arrow, Force Field, Starbolt, and any card cost 5 or less that can be grabbed to make a useless turn useful ("Destroy a card in your discard pile" effects, Locations and other Ongoings)

Maybe it isn't Black Lightning, maybe it's the player? I've had amazing games with him and the cards I listed are just off the top of my head.