View Full Version : a new version of DC brutality. dont ask what we call it now.

07-12-2017, 09:18 PM
sooooo I know I posted earlier on my version of DC Deck builder. we have a more hardcore game mode that is pretty fun. but one of my friends decided to suggest a change up to the game. we removed all 6 cost or greater cards and still left the super villains in the main deck. sooo basically it was toootally boring. we had no worries on any cards we would lose from supers, had plenty of sculpt. soooo my other friend and I decided to do something else.

we took out all cards 5 or less, and no cards that gave VP multipliers. cut out some of the supers that were not very ominous. and ta-da!!! I think it was the most fun I had in a game. me loosing superwoman under my hero was one of my most detrimental hits. the deck ran out pretty fast. and I employed a new rule that if the weakness stack depletes then we all lose. and count up vps. it was soooooooo harsh. but hilariously fun.

keep In mind we run this mode with the last super villain first. our first super Trygon. and yep he was dishing out the weaknesses right out of the gate.

anways, end of game score tally was sia, 26 pts, me 23 and doyle 8 pts. yea OMG fun