View Full Version : DC DBG Competitive Rules

04-24-2018, 08:40 AM
So my friend and I are regularly playing DC DBG and all its sets in a friendly betting manner. I wanted to describe our current method of playing that keeps it very diverse and makes use of all the games, while keeping it fresh and competitive. Also I was hoping people could chime in with their methods of playing, as new ideas are always good.

1) We start by randomizing the 4 base sets to pick one game. (The new randomizer cards are wonderful for this).

2) Next we randomly pick 2 sets (not including what got picked for Base Set) to use as our Character cards. (Note: Currently the only sets we are not using are the Crisis Characters, Rivals and Birds of Prey and that's because we both dislike it, however we will get used to it).

3) Finally we randomly select Nemesis cards to use, again not including what got picked for Base Set or Character cards. (Note: Excluded here is Arrow, Watchmen, Birds of Prey and Teen Titans Go! of the games that have Nemesis cards). We are working to include all the games, however it is a matter of whether or not they fit properly.

4) When selecting Characters and Nemesis cards, we do not allow for more than one Crossover set to be selected as we do not want to dilute the Base Set too much. For Character cards if a Crossover is selected we will always add their respective Main Deck additions. For Nemesis cards we currently do not add their Main Deck cards. When adding the Main Deck cards for a Crossover, we remove the same amount randomly from the top of the Main Deck and shuffle in the new cards into the top half of the new Main Deck. The cards removed are revealed to both players. If a Crossover is the Nemesis cards then we will supplement the Nemesis cards from the Base Set chosen originally and make sure they are still in order. For an example, if Heroes Unite is the Base Set chosen, Graves can be a 9 drop Nemesis to follow whichever Crossover Nememis 9 drop is in that game, etc.

5) Next we randomly decide who goes first in the Character picking phase. We each get 1 ban, starting with the player going first. When selecting Characters, you MUST pick one Character from each of the 2 sets. Picking goes 1-2-1.

6) After Characters are selected, we decide once again who goes first in the game and we begin from there.

7) We play best 2 out of 3, so in subsequent games, we do not allow sets to be used for the same purpose as in a previous game. For example if Heroes Unite is the Base Set of game 1, it won't be for games 2 or 3. It can be the Character cards or Nemesis cards however. This applies for both Character cards and Nemesis cards randomizing.

So that's it pretty much. It has proved fairly fun thus far.