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06-02-2018, 05:23 AM
So I looked through the multiverse rulebook and thought "Hey this looks cool, and with the whole multiverse setup it wouldn't be totally out of wack to see Rick and Sasuke appear as well."

Then the next thought came up that it wouldn't be too farfetched to add these other Cerberus Engine decks to the format, however, there are a hdnful of hiccups one must consider.

First, you need to make custom randomizers for each non-DC set but that is the least of it.

Several non-Dc sets have unique Non-Line up card. Portal Guns and Hand Signs are good examples. One solution would be to add the rule that these unique non-line up cards are only available when the set they are tied to is the current event set. Another option is to just have them available at all times.

There is also a question about which starters to use, to which I will suggest using the starters that match the character you are playing. Example if you play as Rick you start with "Genius waves", if you play as Eren you start with "Thrusts" in your deck.

The next issue I see is the CN one, seeing as not everyone is equally appreciating of the bro fisting and the event cards, this one is a simpler fix, it is just about talking with those you play with about including this set or not.

Another issue is card type compatibility. This should also be a simple fix since all Cerberus DBG has a specific number of card types and for the most part they have a counterpart as such it is just about agreeing that all counterpart card types counts as the same card type.
Here is a list of what I believe would go together
Superpower, Maneuvre, Special
Hero, Ally, Morty
Villain, Enemy, Rick
Equipment, Artefact
Weakness, Corruption, Morty Waves
Supervillains, Nemesis, Council Ricks, Archenemy
The oversized cards

Luckily most of these variations share colour, but those from the middle earth engine and the rick and Morty cards has some colour variation so be aware of that.

The next thing that comes to mind is which weaknesses to use and that is a very good question. You could either shuffle the different weakness types together and have them facedown so the type of weakness you get is all luck based. Or you could determine which type of weakness people get depending on which event is currently in place. Another option is also just to pick one type and stick to it.

Another thing to be aware of is the middle earth engines alternate back, either you can ignore it or this is probably preferred have non see through card sleeves.

The most incompatible set as far as I can tell is Attack On Titan, the first thing I can think of is to remove the Titans. If you insist of keeping them I would suggest either decided to use their ambushes as attacks so they aren't useless or consider them point cards with no ability in your deck. The second thing that comes to mind is to remove all cards that refer to the wall.

The third thing that comes to mind is the movement, to which I will suggest that you just consider an alternative resource like chakra.
Another option for the attack on titan set and the movement is to use that as the base set for the multiverse. (I will suggest splashing it with something else or it will be a rather short main deck, example could be to add the villains from a dc base set to make up for the titans you removed (Assuming you decided to remove them) and some other random cards to turn the 80ish main deck into a 110-120 card main deck. The reason for doing this is so that movement will be available throughout the main deck. Now you can play with the 10 line up card positions as spaces to move about on, with the rules that you can only buy cards in the same space you are in. or in the same space and an adjacant space. or in the same space and an parrallel space. depending on how easy you want it to be to get around to the cards you want. If you play it like this I highly suggest that all players start with 3 thrusts in their deck.

Finally one should probably remove cards that are very incompatible, things that come to mind are ambushes from LOTR second set that only targets the wall. Or AoT cards which only real function is to deal damage to archenemy titans. (Note a card with an incompatible ability that has a second ability that still makes it worth using. Should not be removed, just ignore the part of its ability that doesnt make sense in this format)

I believe that is everything I can think of on the top of my head. Anyone have any ideas they want to add?