View Full Version : Defining the word "Set" (Multiverse question)

06-18-2018, 04:51 PM
We've been playing Multiverse in my group and a rather vocal disagreement has broken out on what defines a "Set" of cards, specifically pertaining to the Fawcett City location. The card says to trigger your Champion's attack after playing three cards not from the main set.

The first definition says that a Set is only the base decks, basing this conclusion on the separator tab saying Original "Set" and the rule cards for the crossovers and expansions identifying them as "Packs", not "Sets."

The second definition says that a Set is any collection of cards we play with, including Crisis, Crossover, and Expansion, based on Multiverse cards like Red Sun Superman specifying "Base Sets" on the card text and the fact that Fawcett City is useless compared to the other locations with the previous definition.

I would like some opinions on who you think is right, please, because we can't come to an agreement. Our current compromise is Rulebook=Set, Rule Card=No go, which is making none of us happy.

06-18-2018, 05:35 PM
A set is any release. The first time the word is used is to mention that you should choose a base set, not to say that the other releases are not sets.
Crossovers are still sets.