View Full Version : Crisis 5 idea

10-29-2018, 04:24 PM
Since all the other stand alone sets have their own crisis theme around them and I really enjoy the confrontations set but sometimes don't have many people to play with I was thinking about how I can play crisis games with confrontations as the main set and then I thought it would be a good idea if we had a crisis 5 to go with confrontations.

There could be an impossible mode super hero stack and a super villain stack one for each team.

There could also be a crisis both teams need to work together to defeat and/or a crisis stack for each team.
Villains will have to kill all heroes from the line up before attempting to defeat their crisis.

When a super villain's/super hero's First Appearance attack goes off it also attacks your oversized character and if its attack is higher than your oversized character (you can play block cards to increase its cost) you lose that character and go to the next level of your character. When you lose your last character you don't lose but you don't have an oversized character power.

Cards with confrontation on them will work when you announce a confrontation on the super hero/super villain stack.

So far this is all I have hopefully you guys are interested in it.

Cards that this crisis might include 40 main deck cards so that you can play it with rivals in a short game version of 100 cards.
20 weakness because rivals and confrontations need more weakness.
These weaknesses should have negative effects instead because of felix faust oversized character.
Different level 3 oversized characters that don't say you win in the bottom right of them.
Impossible mode super heroes and super villains.
Crisis cards and/or team crisis cards.