View Full Version : Computo + The New 52 = Stack Your Hand

08-05-2019, 01:43 PM
Something we came across in a Multiverse game yesterday involved the following interaction:

Computo (Villain, Crossover 3)
Time Travel
Other cards you own and cards in the Line-Up have cost 5 instead this turn.

The New 52 (Event, Multiverse)
Ongoing: Cards with cost 5 or greater in your hand have "You may discard this card to add 2 to the cost of your city's Champion this turn, and then draw a card."
Discard two cards >>> Choose a set in the Multiverse. Add a random card from that set to this Line-Up.

So, if a player has played Computo, they may now discard ANY cards to The New 52's first effect, drawing a card each time, until they have the most optimal hand their deck can produce.

Just thought this was excessively powerful and was wondering if anybody else had run into this interaction in the past.