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  1. DC Deckbuilding: Green Lantern Variant

    [B][U]DC Deckbuilding: Green Lantern[/U][/B]

    This variant is mostly about theme, centering around the Green Lantern-verse characters with frequent allies and featured cameos from [I]Blackest Night[/I] into [I]Brightest Day[/I] (so many cards are centered on that story).

    Seeing as how Rebirth is going to include Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, I'm assuming there'll be compatible main deck cards to add/swap when that set drops in addition to those oversized hero cards. ...

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  2. Wintel Engineer job description

    FieldEngineer is a global on-demand workforce for the telecom & system support industry. The platform enables businesses to hire engineers beyond their reach on-demand, on-budget. FE is a powerful platform designed to eliminate the hurdles of finding the qualified talent on-demand worldwide. FE is proving to be an indispensable global marketplace.

    [URL=""]Wintel Engineers[/URL] install and configure administrative tools ...