1. DC Deckbuilding: Green Lantern Variant

    [B][U]DC Deckbuilding: Green Lantern[/U][/B]

    This variant is mostly about theme, centering around the Green Lantern-verse characters with frequent allies and featured cameos from [I]Blackest Night[/I] into [I]Brightest Day[/I] (so many cards are centered on that story).

    Seeing as how Rebirth is going to include Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, I'm assuming there'll be compatible main deck cards to add/swap when that set drops in addition to those oversized hero cards. ...

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  2. Batman Variant

    Wanted to put my Batman variant in a more permanent spot, for future tweaks following releases (Rebirth, Batman Ninja, etc.) and tinkering.

    [u][b]DC Deckbuilding: Batman[/b][/u]

    [b]Set Key[/b]
    (OS) Original Set
    (HU) Heroes United
    (FE) Forever Evil
    (TT) Teen Titans
    (C*) Crisis [*1, *2, *3, or *4]
    (JS) Justice Society of America [Crossover Pack 1]
    (AR) Arrow [Crossover Pack 2]
    (WT) Watchmen [Crossover Pack 4] ...

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