Filking Zombies

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[QUOTE=Pentrine;476033]The first time I saw this deck was by Vahala in another website. I am not sure if his is registered here. But Kudos to Masklein for sharing this to the community here.

I am running a modified version of this deck since frost arena. Yesterday I had an 18/2, which is the best showing for the current version of this deck i am running so far. There have been many trials and errors. So far my latest version X is quite satisfactory. It could have been an 19/1 win had it not for the AI freezing during the match with Malice Demon. I lost to the AI freezing and conceding as the game couldn't move forward. For the other round, I lost to the Sniper of Gawaine deck with his continuous assaults of zoo pets. It was too fast and the AI had God draws before I could pull out the combo to create any credible pressure and resistance against him.

I would like to share my current version of the deck and here goes:

1 x Vampire King
4 x Izydor
3 x Mentor of Oakhenge
3 x Filk Ape
4 x Bone Warrior
4 x Sight of the Sun
2 x Wrathwood Master Moss
3 x Glimmerglen Witch

3 x Extinction
4 x Murder
2 x Pact of Pain
1 x Nature Reigns
1 x Trick of the Light

25 (mixture of wild, blood and shard of ancients)[/QUOTE]
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  1. Masklein's Avatar
    The original post has been updated with set 3 cards. Go check it out!