Batman Variant

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Wanted to put my Batman variant in a more permanent spot, for future tweaks following releases (Rebirth, Batman Ninja, etc.) and tinkering.

[u][b]DC Deckbuilding: Batman[/b][/u]

[b]Set Key[/b]
(OS) Original Set
(HU) Heroes United
(FE) Forever Evil
(TT) Teen Titans
(C*) Crisis [*1, *2, *3, or *4]
(JS) Justice Society of America [Crossover Pack 1]
(AR) Arrow [Crossover Pack 2]
(WT) Watchmen [Crossover Pack 4]
(RG) Rogues [Crossover Pack 5]
(BP) Birds Of Prey [Crossover Pack 6]
(RV) Rivals
(TG) Teen Titans Go!
(CN) Confrontations
(PR) Promo

[u]12 Oversized Cards[/u]
Batman (OS)
Batgirl (HU)
Black Canary (HU)
Nightwing (HU)
Bane (FE)
Harley Quinn (FE)
Red Robin (TT)
Robin (C1)
Poison Ivy (C3)
Catwoman (BP)
Oracle (BP)
Joker (PR)

Punch (OS)
Vulnerability (HU)
Weakness (OS)
Kick (HU/FE/TT)

[u]15 Super-Villains[/u]

Ra’s Al Ghul (OS)
Solomon Grundy (JS)
Harley Quinn (BP)

Mr. Freeze (HU)
Clock King (TT)
Ra’s Al Ghul (C1)

The Joker (OS)
Cheshire (TT)
The Joker (C1)
Mr. Freeze (C2)

Batman (FE)

Poison Ivy (BP)

Lady Shiva (BP)

Nocturna (BP)

Talia Al Ghul (BP)

My ideal lineup of 8 would start with Ra’s (C1), then use Joker and Mr. Freeze (C1), then run straight down the cost lineup, ending on Talia. For 12, pick a starter Super Villain, remove the other 3, and play 'em all.

[b]Main Deck: 124 cards[/b]

[u]31 Equipment[/u]

Venom Injector (FE) x2

Batmobile (OS)
Batarang (HU) x2
Cold Gun (FE)
Escrima Sticks (C2)
Grapple Gun (TG)

Detonator (TT) x2
Man-Bat Serum (FE)
Bo Staff (C1)
Batmobile (RV)
Birdarangs (TG)

The Cape And Cowl (OS)
Soultaker Sword (HU)
Mallet (FE)
Flight Wings (TT)
Loot! (RG)
Whip (BP)
Batarang (RV)

The Bat-Signal (OS)
Utility Belt (OS) x2
Magician's Corset (C1)
Sniper Rifle (C3)
Soultaker Sword (BP)

Bag of Tricks (RG)
Computer Console (BP)
Laughing Gas (RV)

Mind Control Hat (HU)

[u]33 Heroes[/u]

Catwoman (OS)
Katana (HU)
Commissioner Gordon (FE) x2
Maggie Sawyer (BP)
Alfred Pennyworth (RV)
Vicky Vale (RV)

Robin (OS)
Daughter Of Gotham City (HU) x2
Plastic Man (C2)
Catwoman (FE) x2
Batwoman (RV)
Ragman (CN)

Swamp Thing (OS)
Zatanna Zatara (OS)
Deadman (HU)
Sonic Siren (HU)
Hawkfire (BP)
Huntress (RV)
Oracle (RV)

Dark Knight (OS)
Wonder Of The Night (HU)
Phantom Stranger (FE)
Damian Wayne (C4)
Manhunter (BP)
Nightwing (RV)

Dick Grayson (TT)
Tim Drake (TT)
Red Robin (RV)

Jason Blood (HU)

Man Of Steel (OS)

[u]8 Locations[/u]

Blackgate (FE)
Gotham City Docks (PR)

The Batcave (OS)
Gotham City (HU)
New York City (WT)

Clock Tower (BP)
Arkham Asylum (RV)
Wayne Manor (RV)

[u]18 Super Powers[/u]

Acrobatic Agility (TT) x2

Insanity (FE) x3

Cat-Like Reflexes (C3)
Promise To A Friend (AR)
Martial Arts Expert (BP)
Homicidal Maniac (RV) x2

Canary Cry (HU) x2
Chlorokinesis (C3)
Eidetic Memory (BP)

Girl Power (JS)
You Have Failed This City (AR)

Master Thief (BP)
World’s Greatest Detective (RV)

[u]34 Villains[/u]

Talon (HU)
Emperor Penguin (FE)

Harley Quinn (OS)
Deadshot (HU)
Black Mask (C3)
The Penguin (RV)
The Riddler (RV)
Victor Zsasz (RV)
Killer Moth (TG)
The Creeper (CN)

Poison Ivy (OS)
Jervis Tech (HU) x2
Mr. Zsasz (HU)
Man-Bat (FE)
Clayface (RV)
Two-Face (RV)

Killer Croc (HU)
Lady Vic (TT)
Bane (RV)
Mr. Freeze (RV)

Scarecrow (OS)
Royal Flush Gang (FE) x5

Solomon Grundy (OS)
Copperhead (C3)
Rioters (WT)
Hugo Strange (RV)

The Demon Etrigan (HU)
Joker’s Daughter (C3)
Cheshire (BP)

Up in the air on which Nightwing oversized to include and also tempted to swap out Belle Reve for New York City for antics over raw power, as well as being unsure on Damian for Robin (RV) in the 5-cost hero slot.

Overall, I love the cost curve and distribution, inspired by Stormking's post on a "best Watchmen deck" thread. I'm also a fan of different ways to come up with big VP's, limiting any one player's ability to run away with the game and keeping everyone on their toes 'til the end.

I'm really excited for a Green Lantern deck next with Rivals 2, though I suspect it'll take Rebirth for it to be all the way there. It's next though.

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