DC Deckbuilding: Green Lantern Variant

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[B][U]DC Deckbuilding: Green Lantern[/U][/B]

This variant is mostly about theme, centering around the Green Lantern-verse characters with frequent allies and featured cameos from [I]Blackest Night[/I] into [I]Brightest Day[/I] (so many cards are centered on that story).

Seeing as how Rebirth is going to include Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, I'm assuming there'll be compatible main deck cards to add/swap when that set drops in addition to those oversized hero cards.

The cost curve is somewhat swollen around the 5-cost slot due to the power rings, so experiment with what to drop/keep.

This variant doesn't use an 8-cost Super-Villain/Hero, unless you'd feel appropriate using The Flash (and Green Arrow for that matter), so this might be a good time to experiment with incorporating the SV's into the main deck, resolving their First Appearance: Attacks as they hit the lineup.

[U]Set Key[/U]
(OS) Original Set
(HU) Heroes United
(FE) Forever Evil
(TT) Teen Titans
(RB) Rebirth
(C*) Crisis [*1 or *2]
(R2) Rivals 2
(ML) Multiverse

[U]Oversized Cards[/U]
Green Lantern (OS)
Sinestro (FE)
Indigo-1 (C2)
Kyle Rayner (C2)
Red Lantern Supergirl (C2)
Saint Walker (C2)
Star Sapphire (C2)
White Lantern Deadman (C2)


Arkillo (HU)
Atrocitus (OS)
Sinestro (OS)
Sinestro (C1)

Arkillo (C1)
Atrocitus (C2)
Black Hand (C2)
Green Lantern (FE)
Hector Hammond (HU)
Mongul (HU)

Hector Hammond (C2)
Mongul (C2)
Nekron (HU)
Parallax (OS)

Black Lantern Superman (C2)
Parallax (C1)

Nekron (C2)

[B]Main Deck[/B]: 118

[U]Equipment[/U] - 20

Green Arrow's Bow (OS)
Sinestro Corps Power Ring (R2) x2

Black Lantern Power Ring (C2)
Blue Lantern Power Ring (HU)
Green Lantern Power Ring (R2)
Indigo Tribe Power Ring (HU)
Interceptor (R2)
Orange Lantern Power Ring (HU)
Red Lantern Power Ring (HU)
Sinestro Corps Power Battery (R2)
Star Sapphire Power Ring (HU)
White Lantern Power Ring (C2)
Yellow Lantern Power Ring (HU)

Green Lantern Power Battery (R2) x2
Sciencell (HU) x2

Power Battery (RB)
White Lanter Battery (HU)

[U]Heroes[/U] - 30

The Atom (C2)

B'dg (R2)
Salaak (R2)

Arisia (R2)
Deadman (CN)
Mera (OS)

Chaselon (R2)
Deadman (HU) x2
Jessic Cruz (RB) x2
Simon Baz (RB) x2
Star Sapphire (C2) x2
Supergirl (OS) x2
Tomar-Tu (R2)

Emerald Knight (OS)
Green Arrow (OS) x2
Saint Walker (HU) x2
The Fastest Man Alive (OS)

Kyle Rayner (R2)
White Lantern Corps (C2)

Indigo Tribe (C2)
John Stewart (R2)
Kyle Rayner (HU)

Ganthet (C2)

[U]Locations[/U] - 6

Oa (HU)
Oa (R2)
New Korugar (R2)
Ranx (R2)

Mogo (C2)

Mogo (R2)

[U]Super Powers[/U] - 28

Construct Beasts (R2) x2
Flight (C1) x4

Channeling the Emotional Spectrum (C2) x2
Construct Train (R2) x2
Force Field (HU) x2

Construct Jet (R2) x2
Crystal Shield (C2) x2
Power Drain (FE) x2

Construct Missiles (R2) x2
Rage Blood (C2) x2

Constructs (RB)
Possession (C2)

Constructs of Fear (FE) x2
Teleportation (HU)
Willpower (R2)

[U]Villains[/U] - 34

Maash (R2)
Tri-Eye (R2)

Black Lantern Aquaman (C2) x2
Despotellis (R2)
Manhunter (HU) x6
Nax (R2)
Rigen Kale (R2)
Slushh (R2)

Black Lantern Green Arrow (C2) x2
Deathstorm (FE)
Lyssa Drak (R2)

Bedovian (R2)
Black Lantern Wonder Woman (C2)
Red Lantern Corps (HU) x2
Scarecrow (OS)

Black Lantern Batman (C2)
Black Lantern Corps (HU) x2
Power Ring (FE)
Soranik Natu (R2)

Bekka (R2)
Black Lantern Blue Beetle (C2)
Larfleeze (HU)
Parallax (R2)

Black Lantern Martian Manhunter (C2)
Parallax (ML)

Alright, let me know if you play it and how it goes!

*Edit Added Rebirth cards/made some swaps - for better theme.
**Considered swapping 1 Constructs of Fear for Princess Diana of Themyscira, but her card is so OP I don't know if I can do it in good conscience.

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  1. briguygardner's Avatar
    Is there a ruling on if Constructs of Fear (FE) and Constructs (RB) are considered constructs for the wording on John Stewart and Rigen Kale?
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