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    About DC Essentials..

    Hello everyone,,
    Im pretty bummed out because of the cancellation of DC ICONS and was hoping that DC Icons would be the Marvel Legends equivalent version. With DC Essentials coming, is that going to...
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    Batman Animated series Rogues Gallery.

    Hello everyone,,
    I got into collecting the Animated series toy line and I cant seem to find the Rogues gallery set anywhere except on Ebay for tons of money. I know its older but I feel like it...
  3. DC Collectibles Bombshells Wave 3 - Cancelled

    Hello everyone,,
    DC fans are already import dependent as is without all these lines getting cancelled. They need to ditch Mattel and pick up a company willing to put mild effort in to replace what...
  4. How do you think Ghostbusters: Afterlife will hold up at the box office against Tenet

    Hello everyone,,
    Tenet and Jungle Cruise are released a week, and two weeks later respectively.
    Tenet is a Nolan film - so that...
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