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    AI mistargets Fist of Briggadon gear power

    Feel free not to fix this...

    Location: Frost Ring Arena
    Fight: Nelebrin Scout
    Conditions: Nelebrin Scout must be using Briggadon's Chestplate gear
    When the AI activates the gear...
  2. OK, I'm starting to think this only happens when...

    OK, I'm starting to think this only happens when there are Phenteo's Gift(s) in your crypt that are about to be returned via their gear. The lockup occurs right after kill target selection exactly...
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    Sorrow + Sepulchra Maggot is also a powerful...

    Sorrow + Sepulchra Maggot is also a powerful combo in blood and cheap at only (2).

    This basically flips the board; and after a future turn of trades, Call the Grave can fuel a maggot-engine.
  4. F10 Prior to Terrorantula Egg draw Locks Game

    Edit: I repro-ed this 5 times in a row, then hours later failed to repro it 5-times in a row. Then just after I editted this to declare it magically fixed, I hit it again against Construct Foreman...
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    Store Icon Flashes Constantly

    The Store icon in the upper right now has a constant flashing border at all times regardless of interaction with it.

    I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that this is a bug and not one of the...
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    [Not a Bug] Arena: Illegal Lethal Blocking Split?

    Against Moon'aru Sensei:

    Blocked a 3/3 Lethal Grave Nibbler (3/3 via Bucktooth Commander) with my two 3/3 Arachnomancers and the AI dealt 2 damage to one and 1 damage to the other (killing both...
  7. [UI Issue] Passing Priority during Mulligan Dialog

    The game is active during the dialog popup informing you of your opponent's mulligan, so hitting space bar passes priority instead of closing the mulligan dialog (or doing nothing).
    This leads to...
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    Username: Bunraku I also had this problem of...

    Username: Bunraku

    I also had this problem of being unable to accept the Terms....
    I was running with UAC disabled (Windows 7) and enabling it as described did resolve the issue.

    A fix for this...
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