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    Dc deck building Randomizer app

    Is there or will there ever be an app just to pick a core set and a side set into one deck or how do you guys put the sets together?
  2. Awesome thank you Matt

    Awesome thank you Matt
  3. unrelated question for Matt hyra will there be an...

    unrelated question for Matt hyra will there be an gypsy promo given out or will they be up for sale soon? Itís really eating me alive Iím missing one promo lol
  4. Dc deck building Game tournament coolstuff waterford orlando fl

    504 N Alafaya Trail #115, Orlando, FL 32828
    store phone (407) 478-3311

    * Sunday, March 11th, 2018
    * At Cool Stuff Games in WATERFORD LAKES ORLANDO, FL
    * REGISTRATION 11:00 am
    * STARTS at...
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    Dc oversized hero/ villain cards

    I know I have seen this post before but I don't recall where at or when I was wondering what size sleeves would fit the oversized super heroes and villains
  6. Woot

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