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    DC Deckbuilding game online??

    Hey There,

    Based on the current situation I am unable to play with my buddies and was wondering if anyone is aware of a omegle xender way to play the game online?

    Would be the perfect time to...
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    Possible Future for Naruto

    It looks to me as if the Naruto DBG didn't do particularly well, so this may be a long shot, but any chance we'll see something essay writer more for this game in the future? I only ask because the...
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    Starman and Time Sphere Resolve?

    Beginning of my turn I play Starman. I put the top part of the main deck and then choose a cost 3. Four cards have cost 3. Then I play “Time Sphere” and put each card on the bottom of the main deck....
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    Close Rickcounters Questions

    Really love this game, but there's a few questions about gameplay we haven't been able to figure out:

    How the heck does Cronenberg essay writer Rick work? Simple question. Just can't figure out...
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    Multiverse/Rules of Play Questions??

    I have a question regarding the Multiverse expansion, but first I would like to clarify how we've previously been playing the game:

    1) When a player's turn has finished, that player draws their...
  6. And now Batman 90 is sold out before it even releases next week!

    And I still haven’t been able to find issue 89 for a decent price. I thought the 2nd printing of that was supposed to come out next week, but I guess not. And I see the eBay scalpers are jacking up...
  7. Thought Experiment: What would a Dune Legacy game look like?

    What would be the specific Legacy components of the game?

    Example: The shield wall destruction card is only added after some condition is met (preferably more than 2-3 games in). Once it’s in the...
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