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    Missing Uzume?

    I got back on Hex today, after an absence of some months. While my decks appear to be *mostly* intact, two of them are missing an Uzume, Grand Concubunny that I used to have. It's not anywhere in...
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    Synching takes so long I lose games

    The Synching "phase" is currently taking *ages*. As in, multiple minutes. So long, that I just lost a game against the AI (which I think I had a good chance to win) due to running out the 30-minute...
  3. Blocking feedback corrupted when blocker is removed (815)

    I attacked with two troops. The computer blocked each of them with one troop of its own. I used the Elite Battle Tech's ability to send one of the blocking troops back to the owner's hand. Since...
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    Hm. Sometimes, though not always, the active are...

    Hm. Sometimes, though not always, the active are shrinks to a miniscule size, making it very hard to click. If I can identify more about when/how this happens, I'll comment more.

    ETA: It seems...
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    Confirmed. The "Zoom Out" button's activation...

    Confirmed. The "Zoom Out" button's activation area is displaced. It seems to be approximately the red rectangle in this picture:
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    Also seeing this in 815.

    Also seeing this in 815.
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    Why is Palamedes in the Dwarf deck?

    The default Dwarf deck has Palamedes the Righteous as a champion. If I understand correctly, his ability requires Diamond to use, but there are no Diamonds in the Dwarf deck. This is very...
  8. Flavor Text font is almost unreably small

    I'm at the default resolution. The font for the flavor text is too small for me to read without squinting, even with the zoomed in view. It seems like there is plenty of unused space on almost all...
  9. If Radiant Armor is meant to work that way, it...

    If Radiant Armor is meant to work that way, it seems like it should leave some sort of feedback element on the card to indicate that. As it is, the card's Toughnesss keeps going up rather...
  10. I am also seeing this behavior. Also, I cannot...

    I am also seeing this behavior.

    Also, I cannot seem to manually dismiss the chat window, I have to wait for it to time out. This slows down my game if I want to look at any cards in hand that are...
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