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    Rules Contradiction? Bad Prints??

    On Site: it mentioned Badtrip will be triggered when spell contained 3 or more glyphs.

    RuleBook Page 12 mentioned it required 4 or more glyphs.

    RuleBook Page 15 stated Icky is resolved twice due to 4 or more different glyphs, please tell me where are the 4 glyphs?

    Icky = Primal
    Purgatorium = Dark
    Grunt = Primal
    Adult = Dark/ Arcane

    I have only seen 3, so what are the true rules to this messy Badtrips? QC?

    Rule Book Page 13 mentioned if dead wizard card would have me gaining Hit Points, i don't come back to life(agree) and i don't get those extra HP at the start of next game(i thought we should?)

    Otherwise, what is the use of gaining Hit Points? Clarification? Examples?

    Reading rulebook from the first 2 games was smooth, the 3rd one was buzzing me with questions after multiple reads....

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    Good catch on the Bad Trip. The Cantrip was supposed to be a card with a different glyph.
    Bad Trips activate if you have 4 of more different glyphs. I corrected the web article as well.

    Rulebook page 13 not gaining HP when dead... that is only there if you draw the DWC card that lets you draw 8 cards and play all the Cantrips there. Since there is a chance you play a Cantrip that gains you life, we didn't want that to bring you back to life. That would be too disruptive.
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    Bad Trips activate if you have 4 of more different glyphs.

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