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Thread: Primal Dawn Revealed!

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    Primal Dawn article & 4 spoilers!

    Set 4 coming in early April! (targeted)

    I wonder what Empower will do? Stingshot Sniper seems to be potentially really good, even with the randomness of it's ability.

    The title of our next set is “Primal Dawn”! Each set tells a progressive story about the world of Entrath. Primal Dawn will feature over 300 new cards and enhance several styles of gameplay.

    Read more about Primal Dawn and check out the new logo & spoilers:
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    Hype time. It looks really good. Those card spoils are juicy.

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    Primal dawn? I read about them in Time magazine!

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    So aside from wondering what "Empower" is supposed to mean, the reveal of a Primal Dawn card makes me wonder why there is no Shattered Destiny card. I'll be waiting on that.
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    Dark Souls 3 and HEX Set 4, guys omg, I need a clone asap.

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    empower is probably something like "pay more get more"
    pay double, get double creatures
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    So excited! Now we just need someone who goes to the Invitational to wear a GoPro and record all of the cards in the set!!

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    Here's my guess for Empower. Escalation makes your next copy of the card do +X. Empower will allow you to discard (or perhaps shuffle back into deck) a copy of a card to to make the other copy of the card do +X. So if you have 2 Primal Dawns you discard one and the other will create 6 random wild troops. If you discard a bee man than existing bee men will deal damage to two targets (or one target twice) on the attack.

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    nice, immediately new keyword spoiled.
    I am excited.
    And very nice art too, especially the primal down. Cant wait to EA that.
    Also the set icon has a lot of detail, good job!

    set 4 release on april 1st, this will be a good marketing tactic for hze
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