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Thread: HEX Alpha Patch Notes - 817

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    HEX Alpha Patch Notes - 817

    • Players can now enter 8-person single-elimination tournaments via the tournament lobby. You can access this lobby via the “Play Now” button.
    • 15-card Reserves for your tournament decks can be added in Card Manager

    • Card Manager now has a “buffer wheel” icon when you save, load, or delete a deck
    • The chain tray now disappears from the screen when not in use
    • Buttons throughout the UI have a new look. These are still a work in progress
    • The Landing Page has been given a new look
    • The “Play AI” button has moved to the Proving Grounds
    • Games in progress are now shown in the Proving Grounds
    • Global Navigation has been overhauled with a new look
    o A dropdown from the “Play Now” button will let you get to either the Proving Grounds or Tournaments
    o The Card Manager button is now the treasure chest icon

    • New cards added
    o Shadow Rend
    o Mortar Strike
    o Minotaur Mercenary
    o Shellsafe Sure Shot
    Boldheart now correctly prevents damage on His Majesty, King Gabriel
    Savage Raider and Veteran Gladiator now correctly say they must attack each turn if able
    Headless Executioner now correctly says that it cannot block
    • Triggered abilities that target now go on the chain
    Blessing the Fallen and Legionnaire of Gawaine now properly works with Sword Trainer and Protectorate Clergyman
    The Mushwocky now works again. Feed appropriately
    Wild Growth now properly decreases its cost permanently
    Royal Falcon and Royal Falconer no longer geometrically increase their stats when recast
    Nin the Shadow’s game text now correctly reflects that it buries the top two cards of a champions deck

    Known Issues
    • There is currently no reconnection, so if you lose your connection during a tournament you are removed from the tournament
    • The victory and defeat screens are currently missing from tournaments
    • In Tournaments, the forfeit button hitbox is misaligned and difficult to click.

    We are aware of the validation bug causing certain cards to be removed from your decks. We have a patch in the works to fix this issue. The current list of bugged cards are as follows.
    • Shards of Fate
    • Runic Monolith
    • Hex Engine
    • Eternal Guardian
    • The Mushwocky
    • Curse of Oblivion
    • Howling Ambush
    • Stoneskin
    • Protectorate Defender
    • Soul Marble
    • Judgement
    • Ozawa, Cosmic Elder
    • Scrap Welder
    • Daring Swordsman
    • Comet Strike
    • Countermagic
    • Menacing Gralk
    • Replicator’s Gambit
    • Cosmic Transmogrifier
    • Mastery of Time

    Keep in mind these cards work fine in Lobby Games they are only causing issues with Tournament games
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    Hopefully we have enough server stability this weekend. I am excite!

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    Pretty sweet update

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    In before thread gets toxic for "X" reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtatta View Post
    In before thread gets toxic for "X" reason.
    I think you just started it...

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    • Triggered abilities that target now go on the chain

    Should be bold and in rainbow colors.

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    Wow, patch looks awesome. Details of new cards?

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    Root dancer effect going on the chain !

    • Triggered abilities that target now go on the chain

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    Thank you CZE <3

    Edited to say WOOT !
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