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    VIP in China not getting gift pack @ShangHai DMF 2011

    I'd like to start by saying that I hate to ask for things and avoid it when possible. I was asked however to make a post and ask about the rift that has developed between Cryptozoic and its Chinese tournament organizers.

    I probably should have started with the fact that I am the Hong Kong VIP, and as such (according to my card) should receive some sort of gift pack at any major event I participate in (DMF, Continental Champs). At NACC, I received this gift and, quite frankly, it made my day.

    No such day was made in Shang Hai. The DMF was held a few weekends ago, and I've only now finally worked up the courage to make this post and grovel for my gift pack.

    I spoke to the Judges and they pointed me in the direction of the Tournament Organizer. I asked her and she informed me that they had no such gift for me at the moment. I'm not 100% sure of what the situation is, but apparently:

    The tournament organizer was not in charge of VIP gift packs. Instead Cryptozoic's new China Rep was supposed to provide these? In any case, I was told to email Cryptozoic or post on the forums about the situation. This is me making good on that promise to my friend who requested this of me.

    I also feel inclined to ask about a gift pack for the DMF held this year in Shen Zhen, attached to the APCC. I played in that as well, but at the time was not aware of the VIP benefits (since we didn't have our cards).

    This is getting a bit long for a forum post, so I'll ask one more question and wrap it up.

    The prize support for DMF top 8 also seemed a bit lacking. For fourth place, I received an Ipad 2, a foil Rufus Claybourne, and a Lightning Bolt DMF playmat. According to the DMF website, there should have been a loot card as well. The ShangHai DMF website does not list loot cards as a prize (and was also inaccurate), but is this prize disparity intended?

    TLDR: I am Hong Kong's VIP and played in 3 large events this past year (after winning the VIP card). I have received a gift pack for only 1 of those events (Las Vegas). Is the problem Cryptozoic's? Or is it the fault of the TO and lack of communication between the parent company and affiliates?

    Would appreciate a reply and thanks in advance. Love the game and look forward to the Class Deck tournament on Saturday.

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    Make sure that you email your concerns to That is the best place to contact cryptozoic for these types of concerns.
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    Done, but I like to cast a wide net.

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    Going to go ahead and throw a bump

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    Quote Originally Posted by Potatowned View Post
    Going to go ahead and throw a bump
    Hey Jonathan,

    We've seen this post, and your email.

    I've contacted our rep in China, and I'm trying to get more information on this for you.
    Ry Schueller
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    Thanks for the response!

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    Just got my VIP Gift packs today. Thanks to Cryptozoic and Ming Wan in China.

    Appreciate the swift delivery .

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