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    Well I guess I created an account in vain, I sure hope they don't treat game development the same way

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    Just got assassin's creed: arena, and that comes with a code aswell.... anymore news on when it will be ready? or should i put a date in my diary for sometime between now and 3012?

    Your games still promote this feature and have for a number of years now, but when will we actually see, or even hear anything about it other than "on the way.... "?

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    Seriously people. The games are amazing, the codes and achievements should just be an afterthought.

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    So as of 2014, still no way of registering codes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by londonkirchhefer View Post
    So as of 2014, still no way of registering codes?
    Nope, not yet.
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    Well, I cannot say this is a disappointment, because I did not expect to get a code in the first place when I bought the DC Comics Deck Building Game and the Heroes Unite Expansion yesterday. But if you're placing codes in boxes for years, the least thing you could do is accept them where the sticker says they should be accepted, otherwise is misleading publicity and customers could sue Cryptozoic for that.

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    I have got a Code back in 2011 with the first TWD Board Game too. But isaac come on, it's not that important. If you have fun with the games from Cryptozoic, you should be happy.

    And who knows, maybe Cryptozoic is surprising us with some good stuff in the future, regarding these codes.
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    Still, it would be nice if there was a point for it, why create a reward scheme without reward.

    Just another rube buying games and trying to log codes.

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