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    Big Game Hunter Code

    Just got the walking dead board game. Inside the lid it has a Code sticker.. I can't seem to find where to register my game at.. Can someone help me?

    I also picked up both Collector Sets in part because of the digital bonus code offered for use with the digital game app.

    "As an added bonus, the Adventure Time: Card Wars customizable card game will include download codes for use within the digital version of the game, providing an enhanced opportunity for fans."( The bonus code is mentioned on the back of the box as well.

    However, I haven't been able to find any kind of digital bonus code anywhere in the product: on a card, inside/out of the box, the rule book, liner, etc. Please tell me I'm missing something obvious!

    In the lid of the game box there is a sticker telling me to log a unique code on this website. I've registered for an account on the website, and have spent ages trying to find somewhere to input the Big Game Hunter code for my freebie.

    How do I find where to input this code?

    Please help.

    I am not finding a place to input a Big game hunter code........

    Is there a place to redeem our codes yet? I can't seem to find one.

    Where does one to go enter the information for the Big Game Hunter achievement? I have spent over 15 minutes looking around the website and I cant find a place to register the game and enter the code information.

    Where on the CZE website can I enter my Big Game Hunter code to get my achievement?

    Thank you.

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    The program is not yet up and running. Save your code. When the program is ready, we will announce it.
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