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    Battlegrounds Kit 9 Achievement card PDF does not match physical card recieved in kit

    The achievement PDF ( for kit 9 does not match the physical card that shipped.

    Judging by the kit 8 achievement card and the achievements listed on both the physical card and the PDF, it appears that the PDF linked from kit 9's page, see above, is actually the one for kit 10. Unfortunately I have not been able to find the correct PDF version on any of the BG Kit pages.

    Since our battlegrounds has more than 8 players, we rely on the PDF for the others. Hopefully this can be corrected soon after the holiday.

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    A question: The machine you're printing the pdf from - is it a printer only or does it also copy/scan? If you can, I recommend a backup plan of making copies of a scorecard before it gets used.
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    Fixed. The correct achievement score cards are now displayed.
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